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Yes, it's about time for me to have a blog, too, I guess. I call this one a shoutblog, it's an XMPP bot I can easily talk (and hence post) to.


A periodically running Python service (frequency: every 5 minutes!) should be migrated to Jenkins (via ShiningPanda Plugin ), to ease supervision and log observation/rotation. Its source code is located in a Git repository and is being updated from time to time (very infrequently).


The Jenkins job will run every 5 minutes - and will also check for SCM changes before it runs, resulting in unnecessary load on the SCM service and (very short) delay during each job run. I checked quite a number of Jenkins plugins, but there doesn't seem to be a single one which allows to conditionally disable SCM checks, which would do the trick:

Check and update SCMpip -r requirements.txtyesIs job run manually?Run Python script


I probably could have written my own plugin, but I chose to plumb together stuff that already existed. It turns out that Conditional BuildStep Plugin is all I needed. Splitting the problem into two separate, but dependent, Jobs src and run, this is how it works:

srcCheck and update SCMsource andrequirements.txtArchive artifactsTriggerrunjobrunConditional BuildStep PluginGet artifacts fromsrcpip -r requirements.txtyesIs job run because of upstream?Run Python scriptwait 5 minutes

VAR will only work with factual decisions, not subjective ones. Blatant red card but when based on a ref's opinion, VAR pointless.

I do agree. See Video assistant referee system 'a shambles' and VAR confusion for details.


From mod_swift :

We chose the traditional Swift approach: Make something barely usable, though demoable, and release it with a 3.0 version tag. Then hope that the community kicks in and fills open spots.

emoji people:tongue

Helge really hits a nail (me), it's the reason why I dislike Swift so much. However, mod_swift isn't nonsense.

I had to create and transfer a large tar archive across the net, which took some time and made me revisit the status quo of open source compressors afterwards. I could provide some stats, but TL;DR : pixz really shines and there's absolutely no reason not to use it. I also tested Zstandard because cutting edge and everything, but found pixz to perform much better for my workload.

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