26.04.2019 - Dilbert - April 26, 2019


26.04.2019 - #1871 – Happy

#1871 – Happy


26.04.2019 - Monty - April 26, 2019


24.04.2019 - Buni

Pie Comic by John McNamee

02.12.2018 - Photo

Poorly Drawn Lines

24.04.2019 - The Robot

Safely Endangered

22.05.2018 - Surprise

Savage Chickens - Cartoons on Sticky Notes by Doug Savage

26.04.2019 - Memories


And that’s the end of my week of on-the-road comics featuring my family. Tomorrow, I fly back to Vancouver! I had a great visit here and it was especially nice to spend so much time visiting with my mom. Love you, Mom! xox

(Today’s comic is photographed inside Mom’s fridge. Her new one, not the old dangerous one!)

The Gentlemans Armchair

24.09.2018 - Space-Time



24.04.2019 - UI vs UX

U[unprintable glyph]: The elements a higher power uses to bend that moral arc. U[even more unprintable glyph]: The higher power's overall experience bending that moral arc.