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I'm doing a lot of programming, mostly in Java or C++ lately. I've programmed in quite a lot of object oriented languages, with very little functional programming (Scheme, only). Though I really did despise C++ since the early 90ies and clearly favoured Objective-C, my current commercial project taught me that it's kind of useful in special contexts (audio software). If done correctly, code in C++ doesn't even look too ugly… ok, I'm kidding. ;-)

My personal, favourite object oriented programming language used to be Objective-C, but right now it's (surprise) Java (I used to bitch about Java since its first inception, its pathetic, crippled object model, exceptionally badly modelled base libraries and the like). However, since Java 1.5 the language itself is quite tolerable and saves me quite a lot of typing that I'd have to do in other languages (especially C++) otherwise. Also, the base libraries have matured and there's a vast amount of really useful third party libraries for almost every purpose out there.
Nevertheless, I'm also programming lots of everyday use scripts and utilities in either Python or Bash shell script language. I'm still administering several Unix boxes (my laptop included), you really need to script here and there if you don't want to be bothered with repetitive tasks (and I'm quite lazy, but enjoy programming). Also, using the right language for the task at hand, it's quite easily done. Speaking of scripting languages, I totally hate Perl. I've never really understood all the buzz around this language, it's hardly readable due to its awkward syntax and every script I've read in this language hurt my eyes and brain. Weird. Well, it used to be the first better scripting language for Unix folks, that's probably why it has such a devoted following. However, there are new and better kids on the block now.
Ruby sounds pretty interesting, but I really never had the time to have a better look at it, although Erik always punches me to it (whenever he gets the chance to). I also had a brief stint with C# while working at Codeon and pretty much liked it, although it didn't impress me too hard at that time. C# 3.5 sounds very nice to long time Objective-C coders, since the addition of a categories like mechanism. I'll probably look into this deeper, soon.

Following is a list of non-commercial projects that I do for recreational or educational purposes at the moment.