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Twin Towers™

Micha Sticken (GOD2B)

Although it seems that I'm totally focussed on doing computer related stuff that's simply not true. In fact I'm also a pretty active musician. Originally I wanted to play drums (who doesn't want to?) but my parents didn't really support that … still don't understand why not? :-) That put my desire to learn an instrument to rest until puberty set in and I tried to learn the guitar, aged 16. I really sucked as a guitar player, so I started playing electric bass aged 17. Despite starting so late I caught up very quickly with that instrument and soon gained some reputation as a (metal) bass player. I used to play in a couple of bands over the last 19 years (Rotten, Nameless, Shred in seconds, Fatal Charme, Noise `R' Us, Counterparts, Karibow, SORE PLEXUS, Elke Porn, Moshcircus, GOD2B), embracing styles from Westcoast Rock to total metal mayhem.

One of the most outstanding bands in my personal history to date was complex power metal band SORE PLEXUS… just follow the links and read some reviews to get an impression how cool that was. I still like to listen to our old albums - they still sound fresh and cool despite some particular shortcomings in the recordings. Nevertheless I'm still thinking quite a lot about that time and about the unnecessary split up. If only I could turn back time *sing* …

In 2003 I joined Stromzähler GOD2B, consisting of ex-Daily Reign guitar player legend ;-) Marco Stützer and nonetheless insane drummer Michael Sticken.

In late 2005, after receiving a distress call (thanks Reina!), I joined the local heros to be *g* Moshcircus… really some fun and kickass band! Unfortunately, after a few lineup changes, in 2009 Reina, Leif & I drew the conclusion to put the band to rest.

One year later, in 2010, Leif insisted on me joining his new band Deviation Project Impressure! Currently, we're recording stuff for the first demo and will be on the road, soon!

Upcoming gigs

Bisher nix geplant. Voll doof.



I own a total of nine electric basses, four of which have been handcrafted by Siggi Jäger of Human Base. They're worth every single cent, and probably more than that. I'm quite hooked up to Human Base basses, because I really like their looks and their sound is outstanding. Sore Plexus' Haptephobic was recorded with the Max 6-String, Moshcircus' Karma and Pandora's Box feature the Jonas 6-String, Max 6-String and Max 4-String. Ok, 'nuff said … some photos!

Human Base 6 string fretless

Human Base 6 string fretted

6 years later … still playing that stuff :-)

Still got the funk…

Diabolic Infernal Fretless™
Just recently I stumbled across Elixir strings which are excellent. I'm using the Super Light 4-String set (.040, 0.60, .075, .095) with Super Light .125 low B and Medium (!) .032 high C extra strings for 5-String and 6-String basses respectively. I've accumulated quite a bit of basses over the years…


I started with a Laney 15" combo in 1987 which was pretty good. However, I traded it in for a (better) Trace Elliot AH200 (Series 6 with GP12) top and a 4 x 10" speaker in 1990. Believe it or not, I played the speaker until 2009! Markus Becker of Neon Sunrise persuaded me in 1996 to buy a Hartke 5000 top. Compared to other amps it was pretty cheap and we even got a discount for buying two tops at the same time - it think the price was fixed at 1000,- DM. I finally replaced the Hartke and Trace Elliot setup last year, because it was time for a more massive sound. I'm now using an EBS TD650 and two Hartke speakers HyDrive HX115 and HyDrive HX410. The speakers are excellent, I'm not so sure about the EBS TD650. Soundwise it's rather limited and doesn't feature a "warm" tone. The overdrive section isn't exactly my taste either, but the "bright" control offers some nice Korn-like bass sound. I'm definitely looking into getting an Eden World Tour 800. I got a Kemper Profiler Power Rack in 2014 (plus Profiler Remote in 2017) and I'm very happy since. :-D


With Moshcircus I occasionally used a Digitech Whammy pedal … funny little thing! ;-)


In 2004, on Carsten Gehle's advice, I bought an M-Audio FW440. Last year Carsten bought me a Digidesign Avid Mbox 2 mini in order to pay for his advice! ;-) Sound quality of the FW440 isn't too good compared to the Mbox 2 mini, but the FW440 has the better feature set. I also have a Presonus Firestudio which has top-notch hardware and its routing capabilities are immense (although I almost never need them). One thing all soundcards have in common are shitty OSX drivers. Driver development is probably the part all of those companies outsource, at least that's how it feels to me. Sad.