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Download Quake III Arena Server Snooper for Mac OS X Server. It's about 600K and comes as a gzipped tar archive containing a package for Install.app.

FTP: Q3AserverSnooper.tgz
HTTP: Q3AserverSnooper.tgz Control-Click...
The complete source with dox and everything weighs in at 1.8MB.
FTP: Q3AserverSnooper.source.tgz
HTTP: Q3AServerSnooper.source.tgz


Just double click on the package and install it to wherever you want. You don't have to be root to install it, but you will get a few warnings like "Could not set permissions on". These are harmless.

Quake III Arena Server Snooper usually goes into your /Local/Applications or /Network/Applications folder, but can be installed anywhere. For optimum use drag its Icon after installation into the Login Items Preferences Panel.

Preferences->Login Items