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About Quake III Arena Server Snooper

With Quake III Arena Server Snooper you're on top of the LAN game. Whenever a server opens up on your local network, Quake III Arena Server Snooper will notify you and let you, with the press of a button, join the game.

The Snooper iconified. With no games being played, Quake III Arena Server Snooper lies dormant and iconified on your desktop. (The glowing SNOOPER indicates that the snooper is active.)
As soon as a server starts up, the Snooper will notice and expand into a window giving you the info about the server. Press the big button on the right side and you're in the game! Snooper Window
The Server Snooper is NOT a server browser for Internet Quake III games, like GameSpy for Windows or Charon for Mac OS X Server (Quake II only).

This program runs on Mac OS X Server and will run on the future Mac OS X. It will not run on Windows NT, even with the Yellow Box installed.

Last but not least: It's Freeware and you can get the source!