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28. February 2000 - Version 0.3 released

  • Migrated to Mulle kybernetiK
  • Fixed crashing bug when Q3A is not installed or can not be found
  • updated site to reflect present conditions

27. September 1999 - Version 0.2 released

  • The long promised source release.
  • Fixed window dragging code
  • Even more transparency in the TableView (optional)

04. August 1999 - Version 0.1 released

  • More robust infoResponse parsing should fix crash problem with 1.08
  • Icon shows Snooper state
  • Timeout code for server list improved
  • Dual socket code for catching all the servers. Q3ASnooper can be usefully installed as suid root, even if the broadcast-arp configuration is hosed.

30. July 1999 - Version 0.0 released

  • First public release of the Quake III Arena Snooper.
  • When all (?) the bugs have been fixed and the feature set has stabilized, the source code for this program will be released.
  • Please send bug reports to nat@object-factory.com mentioning the Snooper in the Subject line. (If this program is buggier than expected, I might go for the Lamento bug tracker. :)