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How you are tracked on this weblog

Ideally you should be visiting this page, and only you, the Mulle kybernetiK servers and all routers inbetween should know about this.

This is pretty much true.

Matomo Piwik

First of all, this weblog is tracked by a local Matomo. I use it because the webserver log contains very little useful information, due to bots and attacks. I use these statistics to figure out, which articles are popular and try to either embellish those or keep them updated. I think this is OK, because the tracking is just on this site, and the data isn’t shared with anyone. You can opt out using the “do not track” setting of your browser.


The worst offender is the "Twitter" byline. I don't think Twitter is in the tracking business yet, but it could be. Assume you are tracked by Twitter.

Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon

The page uses Shariff “Like” buttons and some other CSS and Javascript. The resource loaders have been modified to load copies from mulle-kybernetik. So you shouldn’t be tracked by those buttons.

Hacker News

The page also used the Hacker News Button for a short time on 18. Nov. 2015. That buttons back-end claimed to be hosted on Heroku, which I thought to be safe. Indeed though it is hosted on Which is owned by Google. Mega-fail.

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