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mulle-objc 0.23.1 Release

mulle-objc logo and link to homepage
mulle-objc project homepage

How to update

Follow the instructions in foundation-developer to install a new development environment.

To update an existing project, you should clean the (global) archive and mirror cache.

mulle-sde -f clean cache

Then upgrade each project and rebuild:

mulle-sde upgrade
mulle-sde craft -g

Important changes for existing projects

There have been some API changes and changes of conventions to be aware of.

Move mulle-testallocator dependencies below mulle-core

In your tests and wherever you use the mulle-testallocator in conjunction with the mulle-core library, you have to have an entry in the sourcetree for mulle-core before mulle-testallocator. Either by explicitly adding and moving it there, or by virtue of another dependency doing it. As an example, if your test dependencies look like this:

#  address              supermarks           aliases  include
-  -------              ----------           -------  -------
0  mulle-testallocator  C,LinkForce
1  MulleObjC-startup    ObjC,Serial,Startup
2  MulleThread          ObjC

then move mulle-testallocator to position 1 or 2, since both of these projects will depend on the mulle-objc-runtime, which in turn depends on mulle-core. (mulle-sde dep move 0 to 1)

Avoid doubling of mulle-core

(like anything that is based on mulle-objc-runtime).

What doesn’t work currently is “doubling” what’s in mulle-core. So if you have done mulle-sde add github:mulle-c/mulle-core, you can not add a constituent library like mulle-sde add github:mulle-c/mulle-allocator, as the cmake reflection will still try to locate -lmulle-allocator. This will be fixed though, hopefully in the next release.

Generated identifiers for C code have changed

The way install shield identifiers and version numbers as well as sourcetree macro names are generated has changed again. A file named ‘mulle-c11.h’ used to have #ifndef mulle_c_h__ but now has #ifndef mulle__c_h__. This was necessary, to be able to distinguish projects named “mulle-thread” against “MulleThread”. If naming projects like that is good practice is questionable though, so maybe the “Mulle” prefix for Objective-C might fall to the wayside and something else will be used…

mulle-sde run is now a different command

This may affect existing scripts, where you have to replace run with exec.

What’s new ?

Some of the highlights of this new release are described in separate articles, to keep this blog entry compact:

🎒 MulleWeb

mulle-scion got the “S Klasse” treatment.

👑 MulleFoundation

There is now regular expression and wildcards support for NSString.

The thread class used by MulleInvocationQueue has been split off into a separate project MulleThread.

🤠 mulle-core

There is a new developer in town and the name is mulle-core. If you are writing pure C code, make this your go-to library. You won’t be able to live with out it, once you have used it.

mulle-sde init -d demo -m mulle-core/c-developer executable

🧢 mulle-c

There are a few new libraries. mulle-regex, mulle-rbtree, mulle-storage, mulle-linkedlist.

mulle-container has undergone once again a large expansion and saw some rewriting, all to make everything more orthogonal. If you learned one of the data-structures, the other should be as similar as possible. With do/for macros, mulle-container data structures are now convenient and concise in day to day usage, but remain as expressive and tweakable as they were before.

💠 mulle-sde

mulle-fetch has the breaking change, that the “run” command is now called “exec”, and “run” now executes the “product” (i.e. the executable).

mulle-sde init has now some dialog options, which make this command easier and faster to use, since you don’t have to memorize -m mulle-foundation/c-developer any more. mulle-sde extension add also has a dialog option for convenience. More commands might get this treatment in the future.

mulle-fetch and mulle-domain are now even better at understanding convenience dependency specifiers like github:mulle-c/ or zlib:mulle-core/mulle-core.

There is a new project mulle-menu, which is a nice way for the user to make a choice from a menu of options.

Release Notes

This is the list of release notes of the various projects. Enjoy the read :) Projects with only a small bug fix have been omitted for brevity.

Changes for 0.23.1

RELEASENOTES Version Last Release
mulle-core-developer 0.0.1 -
mulle-domain 1.5.0 1.4.0
mulle-env 5.2.0 5.1.0
mulle-fetch 4.0.0 3.2.1
mulle-sde-developer 0.27.0 0.26.0
mulle-sde 3.0.0 2.4.0

Changes for 0.23.0

RELEASENOTES Version Last Release
foundation-developer 0.22.0 0.21.0
mulle-allocator 6.0.0 5.0.1
MulleBashStringExpansion 0.0.1 -
mulle-buffer 3.5.0 3.4.0
mulle-c11 4.4.0 4.3.0
mulle-container 8.0.0 7.0.0
mulle-core 0.2.0 0.1.0
MulleFoundationBase 0.23.0 0.22.0
mulle-linkedlist 0.0.2 -
mulle-objc-developer 0.26.0 0.25.0
MulleObjCRegexFoundation 0.20.5 -
mulle-rbtree 0.0.1 -
mulle-regex 0.0.1 -
mulle-sprintf 3.1.0 3.0.0
mulle-storage 0.0.1 -
MulleThread 0.0.1 -
mulle-utf 4.0.0 3.1.3

Cosmopolitan is still stale, but not much longer

Cosmopolitan building on the fly is still prohibitive, but its probably easily fixable. But not yet in this release.

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