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mulle-objc Development with IDEs

Nat!, 15 February 2024

The "mulle-objc Development with IDEs" guide has received some improvements in the Visual Studio Code debugging setup.


mulle-objc 0.23.1 released!

Nat!, 23 January 2024

Version 0.23.1 of mulle-objc - tools and libraries - has been released. Read here what's new and check the project page for more information. [mulle-objc]

Modern Bash Scripting

Nat!, 21 January 2022

A booklet about modern bash scripting. Some of the techniques presented are brand new.


iBackupFS code release

ZNeK, 09 February 2020

iBackupFS is a new filesystem for introspecting iTunes device backups


mulle-concurrent 1.0.8

Nat!, 27 October 2016

mulle-concurrent version 1.8.0 is the sixth released piece of mulle-objc . It's a lock- and wait-free hashtable (and an array too), written in C. [mulle-concurrent]

MulleScion 1859.1

Nat!, 05 August 2016

1859.1 has some fixes for IOS and MulleFoundation.


OCMock 3.2 released

erik, 03 October 2015

This release combines several contributions, including mocking of dynamic properties and invoking block arguments.


MulleScion 1853

Nat!, 22 September 2015

Already up to 1853 now!. mulle-scion the command tool is much more powerful. The template language has also been improved, as well as the build system.


iTunesFS 1.3.5

znek, 25 March 2015

Enjoy new levels of convenience with version 1.3.5.


MulleScion 1851

Nat!, 05 March 2015

Much improved documentation and new features! Too much has changed to be shown here, so please read the RELEASENOTES.


iTunesFS 1.3.4

znek, 14 January 2015

Version 1.3.4 of iTunesFS adds M3U playlists. If you're exporting (parts) of your library to a media server, you might welcome this addition. Also, your car stereo might understand those playlists.


MulleScion 1848.10

Nat!, 08 October 2014

A lot has happened since the last year. Especially notable is, that MulleScionTemplates is now called MulleScion.


OCMock 2.1 released

erik, 15 March 2013

New release (2.1) which adds support for stubbing class methods and includes many contributed bug fixes. This release is compatible with Xcode 4.5/4.6.


MulleScionTemplates first Release

Nat!, 12 March 2013

MulleScionTemplates is a Django/TWIG (more like TWIG) look-alike template engine for Objective-C. It's very fresh and BSD-licensable. Is it alpha, pre-alpha, beta ? You decide! Get it at


Building another Hackintosh

erik, 02 September 2012

Published a Mulle Kybernetik Tech Note describing my experience building another Hackintosh.


iTunesFS 1.2.2

znek, 26 April 2011

Version 1.2.2 of iTunesFS fixes minor bugs and adds a couple of properties to use in formatters.


iTunesFS 1.2.1 and FUSE for GNUstep

znek, 21 February 2011

Version 1.2.1 of iTunesFS adds minor improvements, nothing serious. In the meantime, I brought the GNUstep port back to life which delivers current MacFUSE to the GNUstep world.


iTunesFS 1.2.0

znek, 23 December 2010

iTunesFS 1.2.0 sports a major breakthrough in usability regarding track formats, besides having a dramatically improved and polished underlying FUSEOFS foundation.


iTunesFS 1.1.13

znek, 22 September 2010

iTunesFS 1.1.13 adds seamless integration with iphonedisk.


OCMock 1.70 released

erik, 21 August 2010

This release combines several contributions, adding support for blocks, a static library for iOS development, forwarding of methods from a partial mock to the real object, and rejecting methods when using nice mocks.


MulleSybaseEOAdaptor 2.12 released

Nat!, 02 August 2010

There is a new version of the MulleSybaseEOAdaptor out now. This version is the second official release compiled with MulleEOF. Nevertheless it should be WebObjects 4.5.1 compatible. It contains a lot of bug fixes. This is still PPC only.


iTunesFS now at 1.1.12

znek, 09 July 2010

iTunesFS 1.1.11 didn't run on Leopard due to a linker error, thus 1.1.12 is out now fixing that issue for you Leopard users. No new features have been added thus far, so no need to update for all the Snow Leopard users.


iTunesFS 1.1.11 released

znek, 15 March 2010

Today I released iTunesFS 1.1.11. Besides the usual couple bugfixes this thing runs smoothly on Snow Leopard now.


MkConsole 1.11 released

erik, 17 November 2009

No functional changes but MkConsoleElement now displays an entry in the status area of the menu bar, which gives access to the preferences and allows to quit the element. The source code is now in a new Subversion repository.


Hackintosh Report

erik, 04 October 2009

Published a Mulle Kybernetik Tech Note describing my experience building a Hackintosh.


iTunesFS 1.1.10

znek, 15 March 2009

Probably old news, but forgot to add it here… iTunesFS 1.1.10 is out since a couple of weeks now, features the usual bunch of improvements and an important bugfix.


MaedaWheels re-release

erik, 28 November 2008

I've just created a Leopard release of the MaedaWheels screens saver. No code changes but it now works on Intel hardware.


EDCommon 34 and EDMessage 17 released

erik, 25 November 2008

After many years of "just working" we've now taken these two frameworks into the Leopard age. All provisions for building on legacy platforms are gone, and the frameworks now build on PPC and Intel in both 32 and 64-bit. In addition, thanks to some great work by David Hoerl, EDMessage now supports TLS and AUTH for mail delivery.


OCMock 1.24 released

erik, 08 May 2008

This release combines several contributions, adds support for more flexible constraints as well as experimental 64-bit support. The default binary release is now in “embedded” mode.


iTunesFS 1.1.6

znek, 03 January 2008

Happy new year! iTunesFS 1.1.6 grew up a bit and works on Leopard as advertised, now. As an added bonus, you can get rid of the iTunes library now by setting a new default.


iTunesFS 1.1.5

znek, 31 October 2007

iTunesFS 1.1.5 sports support for jailbreaked iPods and iPhones… and also works on Leopard.


iTunesFS 1.1.4

znek, 09 July 2007

This version lets you decide for yourself what's in a song's name.


OCMock 1.17 released

erik, 21 June 2007

OCMock 1.17 contains a couple of useful improvements. Notably nice mocks, which ignore all unexpected invocations, and a feature that rethrows all fail-fast exception on verify, which solves the problem of exceptions that are ignored by surrounding code.


iTunesFS 1.1.3

znek, 14 June 2007

Ever wanted to easily copy your playlists' contents to an external drive? Now you can.

UPDATE: now also on GNUstep!


MulleEOInterface 1.3 and MulleEOObserver 1.0 released

Nat!, 18 April 2007

Things are getting even better with the 1.3 release. There are numerous changes compared to 1.2. More information in the release notes. As a little bonus, MulleEOObserver a part of MulleEOF has been made available. Check it out.


MulleSight, still - 1.1.10

znek, 17 April 2007

With enough time on my hands, I managed to produce some more "extreme high quality code"™ and squeezed it into MulleSight 1.1.10. The result is yet another mindblowing feature set - and one hell of an "About" panel! :-) Get it while it's hot!


Unbelievable - MulleSight 1.1.9!

znek, 12 April 2007

…and once again there's a new version of MulleSight. The "cool new thing" this time is the ability to enable multiple effects at once and the possibility of changing the order in which these effects are applied. Try for yourself!


MulleSight 1.1.8 localized in French and German

znek, 01 April 2007

Put a new version of MulleSight online which just has been localized in French and German. Enjoy!


MulleSight 1.1.7 with mindblowing new features!

znek, 30 March 2007

A major rewrite of MulleSight just hit the web, this time featuring Quartz Composer based live effects - neato!


MulleEOInterface 1.2 released

Nat!, 30 August 2006

And finally the 1.2 release. There are numerous changes compared to the 1.0. More information in the release notes.


OCMock 1.12 released

erik, 20 June 2006

OCMock 1.12 contains many useful improvements, including support for scalars, nil arguments and exceptions, as well as more detailed descriptions when expectations are not met.


MulleSybaseEOAdaptor 2.7 released

Nat!, 25 May 2006

There is a new version of the MulleSybaseEOAdaptor out now. This version is the first official release compiled with MulleEOF. Nevertheless it should be WebObjects 4.5.1 compatible.


Reincarnated - MulleImagePrinter 2006

Nat!, 28 March 2006

An old application brought back to life. By popular demand no less. It's the MulleImagePrinter 2006.


MulleEOInterface 0.9 released

Nat!, 04 February 2006

This new release is just a little short of a full 1.0 release. There have been a lot of little fixes and tweaks and some major source restructuring. More information in the release notes.


More MulleEOInterface documentation

Nat!, 01 February 2006

In the new documentation division of the MulleEOInterface page there is a new item called Who retain's who. A must read for all MulleEOInterface users.

Crucial MulleEOInterface documentation added

Nat!, 14 October 2005

In the NAQ section of the MulleEOInterface page there is a new entry Where is the documentation ? The interesting part of the answer references this drawing.


mmaier, 05 October 2005

The Voronoi-Viewer turns your collection of sites into nice diagrams. Now you can use the PDF output to add scaleable pictures to your diploma thesis to get a better final grade...


MulleSight bumped to 1.0.10

znek, 16 August 2005

Finally found some time to upgrade MulleSight to execute generic AppleScript scripts when capturing. This obsoletes the old "Set in iChat" option which is now also one of the featured scripts.


MulleSybaseEOAdaptor 2.3 released

Nat!, 04 July 2005

For you die-hard WO 4.5 coders, there is a new version of the MulleSybaseEOAdaptor out now. This version has some changes to make it compatible with Sybase 12.5.3 and it also has a good number of bug fixes, that were accumulated over the last months.


MulleEOInterface 0.1 released

Nat!, 06 June 2005

After a gestation period of well over two years now, finally a new version has been delivered. There have been a lot of improvements and refinements. Most importantly the query mode of EODisplayGroup is now supported. Performance has been greatly improved also. More information in the release notes.


MkConsole 1.8 released

erik, 20 February 2005

This version adds a feature for re-opening the logs when the computer wakes up from sleep.


IMP Caching Deluxe - new Optimizing Objective-C article

Nat!, 03 September 2004

Finally the long promised IMP Caching Deluxe article appears. This release goes hand in hand with the official opening of the new Mulle kybernetiK Optimization Forum.



Nat!, 30 August 2004

OCMock is an Objective-C implementation of mock objects. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of mock objects please visit mockobjects which has more details and discussions about this approach to testing software.


CVS pserver change

Nat!, 05 July 2004

Due to a breakin attempt, CVS pserver access had to change.



Nat!, 17 November 2003

Simon Stapleton has created a little HOWTO for EOF on MacOSX, which also references some Mulle kybernetiK stuff. Very well then, here are the links you want so you don't need to search a lot :)

17 hours downtime

Nat!, 27 June 2003

The server hung up, the disk light was on but no activity. Drove many miles to a location well hidden and resetted it.