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History and Background

Historically and virtually Mulle kybernetiK exists since the late eighties. Brainstorming for a cool name for his software label Nat! combined “Kybernetik” the german word for cybernetics with the most whimsical and obscure mammal on earth the “Mull”, drawing the capitilization from the Metallica Logo. Intellectual pizzazz is added by the fact, that the mulle lifestyle, hacking and Kybernetik actual do share some common characteristica, as an interested peruser of our link section is soon to find out.

Though a software package and subsequently a coders library was released by Mulle kybernetiK to a dumbfounded and inreceptive audience in the late eighties, early nineties (or so), the label never took off. In the public eye Mulle kybernetIk lay dormant (!) for a couple of years. (The software package was even then alrady an open source project.)

At the turn of the century a few things happened, Nat! joined a company that specialized in NeXT software and regained his interest in hacking, which had seriously eroded in his PC years. He also met some cool guys there, which whom he moved in early 2000 to a new company.

Pretty soon it became clear that certain needs could not be fulfilled by the new company and a private site was put up Featuring the stunning artwork by Lola it was impressive enough to attract and enlist crack-admin/coder ZNeK and uebercoder Erik for a new site


Currently is privately financed. There will be no ad banners on this site. We’d like to create some revenue with merchandising in the future. Do not send us money! Buy the T-Shirt. :)