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iBackupFS is a new filesystem for introspecting iTunes device backups


A collection of command line tools to handle plist files. Partly ancient, partly brand new.


Simple script, that gives some info about your Volumes and Spotlight. Must be run as root. Bonus code, for people who can read shell scripts :)


Ein Templatesystem für Objective-C / Foundation im Stile von Django oder TWIG. Ein paar besondere Merkmale sind:

  • Templatevererbung
  • Macrofähig
  • Syntax ist stark an Django/TWIG angelehnt
  • Templatecompilierung und Erzeugung können von zwei separaten Prozessen geleistet werden

Mit dem Editor MulleScionist kann man Templates mit einer Live-Vorschau erstellen.


iTunesFS allows you to mount the iTunes database and all your local iPods as a file system, using the excellent MacFUSE. Albums, Artists and all Playlists are exposed as directories, with their respective entries, allowing for painless backups.


Eine kleine Applikation um ein Bild auf einer Seite zu positionieren und auszudrucken. Wozu ist das gut ? Um CD Hüllen zu bedrucken.


Ein EOF Datenbank adaptor för Sybase Datenbanken. Funktioniert mit WO 4.5.1 auf Mac OS X.
Version 2.7.0


A very lightweight editor specialized in editing your CVS commit messages! Version 1d


This is a small screensaver I wrote in 2001 after reading MAEDA@MEDIA.


A cool string replacing tool, demonstrating the power of Cocoa. Features a cool InfoPanel!
Version 1

ED Frameworks

The EDCommon framework provides seamless extensions of Foundation and AppKit. The EDStyleSheet and EDMessage frameworks provide services for Internet applications, style sheet driven export of your objects and message handling.


An OpenGL screen saver that displays a rotating Mulle kybernetiK logo using a particle system. As you know from the last WWDC, this is "state of the art" :)


MulleConnectInspector is a drop in replacement for the ConnectInspector in InterfaceBuilder.


The MulleEOInterface framework is a binary replacement for the EOInterface framework that Apple delivered in their Objective-C version of WebObjects (4.5). It's the link between EOControl and AppKit. Also features MulleEOObserver.

Version 1.3


OCMock is an Objective-C implementation of mock objects. It creates mock objects on the fly and uses the trampoline pattern so that you can define expectations and stubs using the same syntax that you use to call methods.


MkConsole displays logfiles on your desktop. Really useful if you have to monitor servers or you just want to keep an eye on what's going on on your machine.


RSS Dockling


Mac OS X client for the WordNet semantic network extra long text ... let's see if it breaks the layout


[Obsolete Software]