Replace strings in files without the need to write complicated sed scripts or whatever. Simply drag & drop your folders and/or documents in the main view, fill in the strings you want to replace and click "Do it!". Easy. The way it should be.

You also get a great Infopanel, that took nearly 98% of the coding effort - but it's worth it!

Somebody with some time on his hands might throw in Mike Ferris's MORegex stuff in order to replace regular expressions. I didn't have a need for that so far, that's why this version is simple stupid.
21. Aug. 2000 v1 released
What via HTTP via FTP
Binary MulleStringReplacer.tar.gz MulleStringReplacer.tar.gz
Source MulleStringReplacer.s.tar.gz MulleStringReplacer.s.tar.gz
Thanks to Michael Maier of Pixelpark for helping with rewriting the code from Postscript only to nice NSAffineTransform usage. And of course to Nat! for understanding that rotation code and making it work. Sweet.