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Mulle kybernetiK


The proud author, looking at his own creation in delight.
iTunesFS by ZNeK
Current version: 2.0.0, published 05/09/2022 (777 days ago)

IMPORTANT! Before you can start using iTunesFS, you need to install the appropriate macFUSE (or MacFUSE) package!
NOTE: Starting with iTunesFS v1.3.0, MacFUSE has been deprecated in favor of macFUSE.

Date Version MacOS X File Required *FUSE version
2022-05-09 2.0.0 10.5 - 10.12 (ppc, i386, x86_64) iTunesFS-2.0.0.dmg macFUSE-3.5.2.dmg
2011-04-26 1.2.2 10.5 + 10.6 (ppc, i386) iTunesFS-1.2.2.dmg MacFUSE-2.0.3,2.dmg
2007-12-31 1.1.6 10.4 + 10.5 (ppc, i386) iTunesFS-1.1.6.dmg MacFUSE-Core-10.4-1.1.0.dmg (MacOS X 10.4)
MacFUSE-Core-10.5-1.1.1.dmg (MacOS X 10.5)

Also, the whole sourcecode is available from Mulle kybernetiK's Git repository.

git clone --recursive

See license for details. Modifications and suggestions welcome!