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A long-standing data corruption bug in ZFS was all over the #zfs news this week. A very good summary is available at FreeBSD Bug 275308 .


  • it's already been fixed and has been merged into FreeBSD stable/14 (and other branches)
  • it's also extremely unlikely to have been hitting you if you have ordinary workloads

Just stumbled across this article from 9 years ago:
NTFS is still the status quo on Windows, believe it or not.

Peter Neubäcker has a stunning Penrose tiling floor on his terrace… I guess now he‘s got to get a new floor though:


In case you are making macOS Installer packages and doing that since ages, you should take note of the following passage from the productbuild man page and revisit your Distribution files:

NOTE: On Apple Silicon, the macOS Installer will evaluate the product's distribution under Rosetta 2 unless the arch key includes the arm64 architecture specifier. Some distribution properties may be evaluated differently between Rosetta 2 and native execution, such as the predicate specified by the sysctl-requirements key. If the distribution is evaluated under Rosetta 2, any package scripts inside of product will be executed with Rosetta 2 at install time.

Although it seems awkward at first, this is indeed necessary - any "script" might as well be a binary instead which in turn might require Rosetta 2 (as it's probably not Universal, which is typical for old Installer packages).

In case you're creating the Distribution files manually, the options XML element has a hostArchitectures attribute which lets you specify the exact requirements.

Thanks to Randy Saldinger (Mothers Ruin Software) for letting me know emoji people:wink


I just stumbled across the "Unable to enumerate all disks" problem launching a VM on an VMware ESXi host. Looking for the solution to this problem proved inconclusive, but eventually I found both reasons:

  • not all delta-chains of snapshotted disks had been properly reassambled!
    • that's probably a bug which was triggered by an after-the-fact setup change done by me (converted disks to independent-persistent after snapshots had taken place). It's probably best to always clone the drives when changing your mind.
  • not all snapshot references had been properly cleaned up in the VM's .vmsd file - this also seemingly means that the drive references therein cannot be enumerated!

Note that a vim-cmd -d trivia vmsvc/power.on <vmid> command didn't produce any useful log!

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