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If you ever wondered if you can use an Apple M1 Mac Mini as a build agent for Jenkins by now, the answer is YES!

Homebrew (brew) does work reliable and it also has a bottle for java11 (java16 doesn't work!) that you'll need as the JRE for the agent.


How to extract contents from 'Payload' file in a apple macOS update package?

There is an undocumented option to pkgutil, --expand-full, which uses the same syntax as pkgutil --expand.

pkgutil --expand-full [pkg] [dir]

This will completely "unarchive" a pkg or mpkg file.


LEGO: What once was a great and inspiring toy company has turned into an uninspiring mess run by lawyers. It's really sad to see, but it can't be ignored: Weitere juristische Schritte gegen Steingemachtes stoßen Spendenaktion an


It doesn't exactly make you wonder why this isn't documented:

bash-3.2# csrutil enable --without kext
csrutil: requesting an unsupported configuration. This is likely to break in the
 future and leave your machine in an unknown state.

Stumbled across this when I tried to understand why a certain kext wouldn't load, producing a very curious error message


Booting Windows 10 from external media on a new MacBook Pro isn't as easy as it used to be, but IT CAN BE DONE! :-)

The Mac will only boot via EFI, hence the Windows 10 disk has to be formatted as GPT . When looking for a tool to convert a Windows installation from MBR to GPT I stumbled across several dubious looking 3rd party tools at first. After a while I realized that Windows 10 already ships with a tool that does the job - MBR2GPT.exe. This took a while but did work.

However, the Mac won't boot Windows directly - it has to be blessed (!) first.

In order to bless the Windows installation you have to boot the Mac into Recovery (!), then open a terminal and cast the secret spells:

csrutil disable
bless -mount /Volumes/BOOTCAMP -setBoot
csrutil enable

Not too obvious I guess.

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