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Yes, it's about time for me to have a blog, too, I guess. I call this one a shoutblog, it's an XMPP bot I can easily talk (and hence post) to.


ZSTD compression for ZFS looks very promising, apart from the fact that the throughput is much higher compared to gzip compression at similar compression ratios. We have a use case for even the highest compression settings, where we store data only once but read it often - the fast decompression throughput for reading makes this feasible.


Winter is coming! (that's kinda old, agreed) …Erik told me to avoid snowflakes at any cost, instead go phoenix. I sort of agree. But can I? For the time being, it's Ansible (and maybe Serverspec). I'll also need to have a look at BSDploy, as I'm really digging BSD jails (+ ZFS, yay! End of all troubles!).


A periodically running Python service (frequency: every 5 minutes!) should be migrated to Jenkins (via ShiningPanda Plugin ), to ease supervision and log observation/rotation. Its source code is located in a Git repository and is being updated from time to time (very infrequently).


The Jenkins job will run every 5 minutes - and will also check for SCM changes before it runs, resulting in unnecessary load on the SCM service and (very short) delay during each job run. I checked quite a number of Jenkins plugins, but there doesn't seem to be a single one which allows to conditionally disable SCM checks, which would do the trick:

Check and update SCMpip -r requirements.txtyesIs job run manually?Run Python script


I probably could have written my own plugin, but I chose to plumb together stuff that already existed. It turns out that Conditional BuildStep Plugin is all I needed. Splitting the problem into two separate, but dependent, Jobs src and run, this is how it works:

srcCheck and update SCMsource andrequirements.txtArchive artifactsTriggerrunjobrunConditional BuildStep PluginGet artifacts fromsrcpip -r requirements.txtyesIs job run because of upstream?Run Python scriptwait 5 minutes

VAR will only work with factual decisions, not subjective ones. Blatant red card but when based on a ref's opinion, VAR pointless.

I do agree. See Video assistant referee system 'a shambles' and VAR confusion for details.


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