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OMEMO is also available for Adium via Lurch4Adium

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I wanted to build Conversations on my macOS box, but never did modern Android stuff before. It turned out it was (quite) simple to do.

(I already had jenv (brew install jenv) and Java 8 (brew cask install java8) installed)

$ jenv global # depends on the exact version you have
$ brew install android-sdk
$ yes|sdkmanager --licenses

Afterwards, you can build Conversations using the contained gradle wrapper:

$ ./gradlew assembleConversationsFreeSystemDebug

During signing this bailed, however, due to me having an older version of bouncycastle installed in /Library/Java/Extensions. Version 152 wasn't good enough, but 162 is.


I wanted to reduce the size of scanned images in a PDF which shouldn't be all too hard, but all prominent search results are taken by online PDF compressors which I don't want to use, ever (beware of the clown!). TL;DR: Use a custom quartz filter, see Bessere PDF-Datei-Größenreduzierung in OS X and Mimsy: Quality reduced file size in Mac OS X Preview. Enjoy.


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