24 Nov 2016

mulle-objc released!

The mulle-objc compiler and runtime have finally been released. Build and run Objective-C on a growing number of platforms. [mulle-objc]
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27 Oct 2016

mulle-concurrent 1.0.8

mulle-concurrent version 1.8.0 is the sixth released piece of mulle-objc . It's a lock- and wait-free hashtable (and an array too), written in C. [mulle-concurrent]
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05 Aug 2016

MulleScion 1855

1855 has some fixes for IOS and MulleFoundation.


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Simple iSight image capture application. Lean and mean.
The MulleEOInterface framework is a binary replacement for the EOInterface framework that Apple delivered in their Objective-C version of WebObjects (4.5). It's the link between EOControl and AppKit. Also features MulleEOObserver.

Version 1.3

OCMock is an Objective-C implementation of mock objects. It creates mock objects on the fly and uses the trampoline pattern so that you can define expectations and stubs using the same syntax that you use to call methods.
This article series explores ways how to make your Objective-C code run faster. The series covers exclusively Objective-C and Foundation specifica. Optimizing code in general is not part of the agenda.
iTunesFS allows you to mount the iTunes database and all your local iPods as a file system, using the excellent MacFUSE. Albums, Artists and all Playlists are exposed as directories, with their respective entries, allowing for painless backups.