Elite: Dangerous

These are my personal notes for recent game achievements and what really seemed to help to get me there.

Helper Tools

I'm constantly using

A while ago I constantly used tradedangerous to build up my wealth in the game, but I'm done with truck driving for quite some time now.

I should have possibly used EDPathFinder for efficiently doing settlement data point farming (Cracked Industrial Firmware, anyone?) but I found out too late about it.

Rare Materials

Tungsten, etc.

There's a crashed ship at Orrere/2B/Lat: +43.85, Long: -173.98 which spawns 3 cargo racks that you need to shoot. Relog at will. Spawned materials:

Cracked Industrial Firmware

I didn't use EDPathFinder, instead watched this . This was quite fun indeed.

Chemical Manipulators

I already had lots of them, but Chemical manipulators a masterminded plan sounds like the perfect plan.

Selenium, Arsenic

Finding Selenium was driving me crazy. I tried mining and everything, nothing helped. Then I stumbled across Fast Arsenic Location in Elite Dangerous in Upsilon Phoenicis/1 A/Upsilon Phoenicis Lava Spouts - careful: 1.72G planet!

Marco Qwent

Marco Qwent itself doesn't provide anything of benefit (for me, at least), however is a nececessary unlock achievement in order to get an invite from Professor Palin.

In order to get to Marco Qwent, you need to be aligned with Sirius Corp - which took me ages. What really helped was going to Avik (Sirius Corp. is in charge of that system) and bounty hunt (but don't hunt wanted Sirius Corp. members, just ignore them). Turn in all fees at the station there as this significantly increases reputation with Sirius Corp. You can also do missions for them, but it takes far more time.


Professor Palin

What gives?

Professor Palin provides level 5 thruster improvements. Let me show you my ship stats to tickle your fancy:


5000 lys

In order to get an invite you need to travel 5000 ly from your starting point in the game. The current max distance can be seen in the stats screen (right display), but it's also visible in the "engineers help" (also right display), with a slight lag though.

I did accept a mission of roughly 7000 ly for 20M credits, as I thought this would further compensate for the time spent. In hindsight I shouldn't have done this as it meant an additional 4000 ly (roundtrip) which is quite a distance and time spent.

My ASP did 33 ly per jump on average, each jump took approx. 1 minute. I could constantly scoop fuel on the route, as I strictly limited it to scoopable stars, only. Every once in a while I gathered scientific data on the stars I visited and, if they were easily reachable, on planets there as well. If I remember correctly, this made somewhat around 4M credits total. NOTE: I delivered this straight to Palin, which immediately gave me Level 3 Access. In total, I spent around 8 hours of real time to complete this mission. There were quite some views (nebulas!) on the way, which was spectacular in VR, but it was also a considerable amount of time spent.

25 unknown artefacts

I got mine from a crashed alien spaceship and relogging: HIP 17862/6 C A/Lat: 30.3398, Long: -98.5876 . The star system is fortunately very close to Maia .