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mulle-objc 0.22.1 Release


How to update

Follow the instructions in foundation-developer to install a new development environment.

To update an existing mulle-objc project, you should clean the (global) archive and mirror cache.

mulle-sde -f clean cache

Then upgrade each project and rebuild:

mulle-sde upgrade
mulle-sde craft -g

This should give you no trouble.

What’s new ?

Most of the changes have been in the tooling as described here:

Pretty much from the start there was an attempt to furnish mulle-sde with completion support for bash. That has never really panned out though, so I removed it in this version!

What follows are the changes that pertain to Objective-C: the runtime, the language, the compiler, the libraries. Since this is only a patch release, sort of, there are few noteworthy changes.

Release Notes

This is the list of release notes of the various projects. Enjoy the read :) Projects with only a small bug fix have been omitted for brevity.


MulleFoundation uses “Almagamation” to combine various projects into MulleFoundationBase. The main advantage gained by this is build speed and less effort for “legacy” development.


mulle-core is an amalgamation of most of the libraries, that are found under mulle-c, mulle-concurrent. For “legacy” projects, you can just git clone the repo and run cmake and everything will be there.


There is a new project mulle-slug that turns arbitrary strings into a URL fragment compatible string. For example the slug of “## Hello World !” is “Hello-World”. This is used in mulle-markdown to create HTML anchors.

mulle-container has some important fixes for mulle_range_set and a breaking API change, pushing it to 7.0.0. mulle-data has improved support for struct ns_range with some error checks now. mulle-sprintf now doesn’t use constructors anymore.

RELEASENOTES Version Last Release
mulle-buffer 3.4.0 3.3.0
mulle-container 7.0.0 6.1.0
mulle-core 0.1.0 -
MulleFoundationBase 0.22.0 -
mulle-objc-developer 0.25.0 0.24.0
MulleScion 1860.0.0 1859.1.10
mulle-scion 1860.0.0 1859.1.9
mulle-slug 0.0.1 -
mulle-sprintf 3.0.0 2.2.0

warning: cosmopolitan is a stale project at the moment

The way cosmopolitan is built has changed in a way, that building it on the fly is prohibitive. Since AFAIK no one really needs it, I didn’t invest time to update from cosmopolitan 2.1 to 2.2.

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