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Created some documentation for MulleEOInterface

Its a little PDF and I like to think it's pretty useful. I wish I had this a few years back. Nowadays I might be a endangered species, that I still have a use for it :) Actually just today I looked it up. The way changes propagate in a EOF application is not that trivial.


If you see an error or if somethings unclear, feel free to leave a comment.

I grayed out the somewhat superflous second EO and EOAssociation updates, that hopefully makes it a little clearer.


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From: rentzsch

"Nowadays I might be a endangered species". heh. You and me both.

By the, watch out for AddressBook.framework when using EOF. It loads a compareAscending: category that will smash AppleUtilities.framework's compareAscending: category. This can happen even if you don't load AddressBook.framework yourself -- simply printing is enough to have it load implicitly.

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From: Nat!

Concerning AddressBook compareAscending:, thanks for telling me. This is probably going to bite me soon...

You are still doing EOInterface stuff ? Neat. :)

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