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Installing Mac OS X Server 1.2 r3 on Apple Cube
For this solution you need additional hardware. Caveat: This has only been verified on one Cube. It may not work with yours...
The Problem

You cannot install Mac OS X Server v1.2 r3 on a stock Cube. Although you can coax the installer to install Mac OS X Server v1.2 on an "unsupported platform" (Use the Configurations... dialog in the Special menu), the installer will crash early after restart.
Picture 1

If you are lucky and it does not crash, you will later face the problem that neither the keyboard nor your mouse is working.

The Diagnosis

Mac OS X Server v1.2 does not handle the USB interface properly. The kernel contains some hack code to get things to work with a USB keyboard and the mouse. No other devices are supported. Unfortunately the "Pro" keyboard which comes with the Cube does not work with Mac OS X Server. The old keyboard that was shipped with G3 machines and early iMacs does though work with the Cube.

Special Magic Voodoo
  1. If the installer crashes during installation, power down the machine, wait a few seconds and retry.
  2. My preferred installation order is OS9, Mac OS X Server and finally Mac OS X. If this is voodoo or valid traditional information, I don't remember.
This shows the two keyboards.

G3 keyboard
"Pro" keyboard
Picture 2

Interestingly though, the "Pro" keyboard does work with the G3 and Mac OS X Server v1.2.

The Remedy

Trade your "Pro" keyboard with some G3 owner. Both will be happy, except if Mr. G3 is also using Mac OS X Server. You can keep the "Pro" mouse. I tossed it and use now the Logitech Optical Mouse and I don't have any problems.

The Installation

Prior to installation make sure that ONLY the keyboard and the mouse are attached to your cube. Cube Speakers are usually OK, but do not connect any other devices like hubs f.e.

Installation then should work flawlessly. There will be a long delay when booting through Network, but be patient. If you do not have a NetInfo server running press 'c' when a dialog pops up during NetInfo configuration.

Copyright (C) 2001 Mulle kybernetiK
written by Nat!