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# Demo This demo shows an already created `.bootstrap` folder in action. **mulle-bootstrap** clones and builds a xcodebuild based project, a cmake make based project and a configure based project. > Check out the [terminal movie](, instead of typing all the stuff here yourself. Just run mulle-bootstrap in here and examine the created output in the folder `dependencies`: ```console $ mulle-bootstrap $ ls -R dependencies ``` ### What is in .bootstrap ? There is very little configuration needed to get this result. The .bootstrap folder contains: Folder | Files | Folders ---------------------------|-----------------------|--------------- .bootstrap | repositories | settings/ .bootstrap/settings | | Finch/ zlib/ .bootstrap/settings/Finch | xcode_public_headers | .bootstrap/settings/zlib | dispense_headers_path | `.bootstrap/repositories` defines the repositories to fetch ``` # A configure project git:// # A cmake project # An Xcode project ``` `.bootstrap/settings/Finch/xcode_public_headers` contains a mapping for the public header output of Finch, (which is currently broken in that repository). ``` /usr/local/include/Finch ``` Usually zlib places it's headers into "/usr/local/include", for demo purposes we want it to be in "/usr/local/include/zlib". As this is not an Xcode project we use an alternative method `.bootstrap/settings/zlib/dispense_headers_path` ``` /usr/local/include/zlib ``` Notice that the settings are specified on a per repository, which usually makes the most sense. Finally lets get rid of the download repositories and all build products with: ```console $ mulle-bootstrap clean dist ```