May 20, 2016
View fd52b35

remove python dependency

Nat! authored on 20-05-2016 14:06:38
May 18, 2016
View 5e54e21

Fix usage output

Nat! authored on 18-05-2016 22:59:19
May 9, 2016
View fdd375e

no release w/o an immediately following patch NERV

Nat! authored on 09-05-2016 14:30:01
View 6d5e967

fix releasenotes

Nat! authored on 09-05-2016 12:33:30
View bf4c790

Lots of improvements, check the RELEASENOTES. git or svn is now specified as a fourth parameter in the repositories file. Got rid of some internal "GLOBALS" with respect to relative paths.

Nat! authored on 09-05-2016 12:26:24
May 3, 2016
View 61fc723

Fix some bugs, make some stuff more convenient.

Nat! authored on 03-05-2016 12:54:47
April 17, 2016
View 602ae7d

Fix svn checkout. Make cmake the default even on OS X. mulle_bootstrap can now checkout branches. Consistency check added, avoiding aborted fetches producing unpleasant results.

Nat! authored on 17-04-2016 14:44:15
April 7, 2016
View fcfae39

Various bug fixes, with respect to refresh and update.

Nat! authored on 06-04-2016 12:16:39 • Nat! committed on 07-04-2016 11:42:21
April 5, 2016
View f146fd2

Some more fixes in 0.20

Nat! authored on 05-04-2016 11:03:10
March 14, 2016
View 0109072

Avoid some duplicate effort, refresh embedded repositories better.

Nat! authored on 14-03-2016 23:01:27
View 36b34de

Add some info when symlinking instead of cloning

Nat! authored on 14-03-2016 16:44:42
View 7a4ae0c

Added a test for refresh. Added mulle-bootstrap project. Fix some bugs.

Nat! authored on 14-03-2016 14:03:01
March 8, 2016
View 290ab3f

some changes for building mulle-aba more conveniently on linux and more

Nat! authored on 08-03-2016 15:20:52
February 29, 2016
View b11d86b

Moved bootstrap_auto_update into separate file, as it is now shared with fetch and refresh. Refresh is always used ahead of build to ascertain, that the settings are up to date.

Nat! authored on 29-02-2016 16:51:52
February 25, 2016
View 700d4f5

With hindsight, v0.15 and v0.16 were trash. Fixed.

Nat! authored on 25-02-2016 19:08:48