June 6, 2017
View 470b3d4

Improve clone caching. Don't touch non existing directories.

Nat! authored on 06-06-2017 11:40:11
June 5, 2017
View 59035d9

improved CMakeLists.txt

Nat! authored on 05-06-2017 13:03:53
View becdbfa

package support for Linux started

Nat! authored on 05-06-2017 12:44:23
June 2, 2017
View 6da50ff

fix warn scripts

Nat! authored on 02-06-2017 18:16:24
View 9687964

rename install to systeminstall internally also, and fix

Nat! authored on 02-06-2017 15:21:22
June 1, 2017
View cbe9e1a

Bug fixes

Nat! authored on 01-06-2017 11:08:56
May 4, 2017
View e11220c

Improve copying of build output to dependencies. Improve paths output

Nat! authored on 04-05-2017 12:07:30
May 3, 2017
View 0d78d4c


Nat! authored on 03-05-2017 22:57:04
May 2, 2017
View 5623134

Allow empty repositories for build and systeminstall so that mulle-build isn't unhappy. Fix common-settings dependencies.

Nat! authored on 02-05-2017 16:43:00
View 9405b61

Fix brews, fix dist clean

Nat! authored on 02-05-2017 15:40:18
April 29, 2017
View b4b2504

Fix bug with ${FOO:-xx} expansion Fix bug with fetch_needed returning falsely true Avoid default setting log output duplication Fix run command. Fix problem listing root settings.

Nat! authored on 29-04-2017 01:09:04
April 24, 2017
View b850197

Version check in functions

Nat! authored on 24-04-2017 17:25:08
View f04fa7d

Don't install mulle-brew link

Nat! authored on 24-04-2017 17:04:19
View f543b0c

Add mulle-bootstrap. Add support code for mulle-brew. Fix a bug in the config key list.

Nat! authored on 24-04-2017 16:38:17
April 23, 2017
View 1600f60

Improve paths for mulle-brew and make things more consistent and simpler. Move mulle-brew into own project/formula.

Nat! authored on 22-04-2017 20:58:46