September 6, 2017
View 9c3cca2

* improvements for mingw

Nat! authored on 04-09-2017 20:14:46 • Nat! committed on 06-09-2017 18:28:10
August 2, 2017
View a8355f5

* new clean command 'full' is now also the new default

Nat! authored on 01-08-2017 17:40:51
August 1, 2017
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* new build and root setting . See dox/settings/dispense_style/

Nat! authored on 31-07-2017 14:53:24 • Nat! committed on 01-08-2017 16:54:56
July 29, 2017
View 1461fe5

* fix some problems with tar archives * mulle-bootstrap shell is moved to mulle-sde, a new project

Nat! authored on 28-07-2017 17:37:53 • Nat! committed on 29-07-2017 16:58:29
July 25, 2017
View e6524a6

* new mulle-bootstrap shell command to make life in a virtual env even easier

Nat! authored on 25-07-2017 19:54:46
May 4, 2017
View e11220c

Improve copying of build output to dependencies. Improve paths output

Nat! authored on 04-05-2017 12:07:30
April 29, 2017
View b4b2504

Fix bug with ${FOO:-xx} expansion Fix bug with fetch_needed returning falsely true Avoid default setting log output duplication Fix run command. Fix problem listing root settings.

Nat! authored on 29-04-2017 01:09:04
April 24, 2017
View f543b0c

Add mulle-bootstrap. Add support code for mulle-brew. Fix a bug in the config key list.

Nat! authored on 24-04-2017 16:38:17
April 23, 2017
View 1600f60

Improve paths for mulle-brew and make things more consistent and simpler. Move mulle-brew into own project/formula.

Nat! authored on 22-04-2017 20:58:46
April 22, 2017
View 4eff2e5

Improve mulle-brew to work with deferred repositories. Improve usage and some other output for mulle-brew. Do not create default files for mulle-init anymore. Change caches_path to search_path.

Nat! authored on 22-04-2017 16:40:07
April 1, 2017
View c81c872

Don't specify dependencies in formula, as this installs a brew cmake, which may not be desired. (brew cmake, has dependencies like openssl...) Up the version to 3.1.2

Nat! authored on 01-04-2017 17:11:29
March 31, 2017
View e324467

Use required code for embedded repositories too. Generally improve the code there a bit. Make the burying of symlinks more silent. Rename MULLE_FLAG_...EXECUTOR to MULLE_FLAG_... EXEKUTOR. Fix some bugs.

Nat! authored on 31-03-2017 12:04:43
March 27, 2017
View 4d45dff

Rename mulle-bootstrap flags to mulle-bootstrap paths, because it irked me. Fix some code where the function rename broke stuff.

Nat! authored on 27-03-2017 00:37:19