September 6, 2017
View 9c3cca2

* improvements for mingw

Nat! authored on 04-09-2017 20:14:46 • Nat! committed on 06-09-2017 18:28:10
September 3, 2017
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fixes for mingw compilation

Nat! authored on 03-09-2017 20:44:15
April 1, 2017
View c81c872

Don't specify dependencies in formula, as this installs a brew cmake, which may not be desired. (brew cmake, has dependencies like openssl...) Up the version to 3.1.2

Nat! authored on 01-04-2017 17:11:29
February 23, 2017
View 550b544

New feature. mulle-bootstrap can now download archives from github instead of needing to clone it. This is probably in many cases preferable, because it is much faster.

Nat! authored on 23-02-2017 21:59:21
February 16, 2017
View 9339a58

Fix fetching. Useful override_branch config added (and less useful -fb option) removed. Add -ld debug log output, which is sometimes more useful than full -vv.

Nat! authored on 16-02-2017 13:58:15
February 2, 2017
View 8f951e1

More general improvements and bugfixes, really too much for a simple commit message.

Nat! authored on 30-01-2017 15:29:46 • Nat! committed on 02-02-2017 11:49:13
October 9, 2016
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Redo IFS handling to avoid some funny errors and make things easier to read. Redid usage to be somewhat more clear and helpful.

Nat! authored on 09-10-2016 21:36:13
September 27, 2016
View 2f8d42a

Fix some log output. Fix ALL/NONE answers. Fix /usr/local/include checks. Fix CMake path generation. Add -tp to reduce trace output. Fix redirection file creation in dry run mode. Add support for the more optimistic mulle-build.

Nat! authored on 27-09-2016 17:23:16
September 16, 2016
View 75913c0

Unify clone value parsing a bit more. Cleanup stray tabs in files.

Nat! authored on 16-09-2016 15:51:07
September 5, 2016
View 9514a7c

rename exes to sh and some more progress with dumpdef

Nat! authored on 05-09-2016 23:10:28
View ec2b9bc

added script to create .DEF files from .LIB remove explizit _initialize, because it didn't work and was superflous

Nat! authored on 05-09-2016 14:17:14
View 8b9f64f

add scripts to facilitate mingw developement

Nat! authored on 05-09-2016 00:11:43
September 4, 2016
View 8f77be3

pretty much a rewrite of the settings game

Nat! authored on 04-09-2016 16:35:58
September 3, 2016
View d210028

first version that build using mingw32-make

Nat! authored on 03-09-2016 16:05:16
September 1, 2016
View 3c4acfb

finally MING configure works

Nat! authored on 01-09-2016 19:28:17