June 24, 2017
View 6c8b902

try to fix archive extract stage for linux

Nat! authored on 24-06-2017 16:20:51
View 5a9c6a4

Added build setting srcdir

Nat! authored on 24-06-2017 11:31:17
June 23, 2017
View 6bfed1b

fix empty mkdir bug

Nat! authored on 23-06-2017 17:58:41
June 22, 2017
View 97a494d

smarter mirroring respects forks

Nat! authored on 22-06-2017 20:52:42
June 20, 2017
View 53f4ddd

improved mirroring, symlink bugfixes and more modernize homebrew formula generation

Nat! authored on 20-06-2017 17:05:10
June 18, 2017
View 402c4cb

more control over mirroring experimental origin related expansions

Nat! authored on 18-06-2017 12:34:42
June 6, 2017
View 470b3d4

Improve clone caching. Don't touch non existing directories.

Nat! authored on 06-06-2017 11:40:11
June 1, 2017
View cbe9e1a

Bug fixes

Nat! authored on 01-06-2017 11:08:56
April 24, 2017
View f543b0c

Add mulle-bootstrap. Add support code for mulle-brew. Fix a bug in the config key list.

Nat! authored on 24-04-2017 16:38:17
April 23, 2017
View 1600f60

Improve paths for mulle-brew and make things more consistent and simpler. Move mulle-brew into own project/formula.

Nat! authored on 22-04-2017 20:58:46
April 22, 2017
View 4eff2e5

Improve mulle-brew to work with deferred repositories. Improve usage and some other output for mulle-brew. Do not create default files for mulle-init anymore. Change caches_path to search_path.

Nat! authored on 22-04-2017 16:40:07
April 19, 2017
View 06ffde2

Make MAGNUM_FORCE values uppercase for consistency. CMAKE_FLAGS is now CMAKEFLAGS. Improved log output when cloning

Nat! authored on 19-04-2017 16:39:18
April 18, 2017
View e400db1

Make config and expansions easier to use. Improve output for debugging. Frameworks are now "force" moved from /tmp, which fixes problems of changes in a second build not showing up. Fix various other bugs.

Nat! authored on 18-04-2017 12:12:13
April 2, 2017
View cbad10e

Fix various mulle-brew related bugs. Add mulle-bootstrap-command to share some functionality with mulle-build.

Nat! authored on 02-04-2017 15:12:33
April 1, 2017
View c81c872

Don't specify dependencies in formula, as this installs a brew cmake, which may not be desired. (brew cmake, has dependencies like openssl...) Up the version to 3.1.2

Nat! authored on 01-04-2017 17:11:29