September 13, 2017
View c538d77

add -t option to dumpdef

Nat! authored on 12-09-2017 14:08:40
View fb1a33b

more fixes for mingw

Nat! authored on 07-09-2017 23:36:18
September 3, 2017
View 5793553

fixes for mingw compilation

Nat! authored on 03-09-2017 20:44:15
October 20, 2016
View fcf4306

Improved handling of repository entries with variables. Prefix fails with mulle-bootstrap <action> so the user knows, whos complaining (if running in a script). -i flag for fetch and update

Nat! authored on 20-10-2016 23:43:05
October 9, 2016
View 5c06c0e

Redo IFS handling to avoid some funny errors and make things easier to read. Redid usage to be somewhat more clear and helpful.

Nat! authored on 09-10-2016 21:36:13
September 12, 2016
View 04828dc

Cleanup project a bit.

Nat! authored on 12-09-2016 14:07:51
September 8, 2016
View 128e6b7

various improvements and fixes for mingh/windows

Nat! authored on 08-09-2016 20:48:12
View 19b1612

fix ? searchpath

Nat! authored on 08-09-2016 15:47:40
View bcff535

don't emit LIBRARY if no name is given

Nat! authored on 08-09-2016 14:32:42
September 7, 2016
View 58ddf0f

add convenient BAT file, fix sed ugliness

Nat! authored on 07-09-2016 11:42:15
September 5, 2016
View 9514a7c

rename exes to sh and some more progress with dumpdef

Nat! authored on 05-09-2016 23:10:28