February 14, 2017
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Lotsa changes All tests pass now, but that doesn't mean its bugfree.

Nat! authored on 14-02-2017 21:34:25
February 9, 2017
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Start to unify semi-global OPTION and global FLAG variables. Improve inheritance of deferred repostories. Make some trace flags, log flags which is more comprehensible.

Nat! authored on 09-02-2017 18:57:13
February 8, 2017
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Add defer and emancipate. Adjust various internals to support it.

Nat! authored on 07-02-2017 23:09:08
February 3, 2017
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Add flags option to mulle-bootstrap. This is a convenient way to interface mulle-bootstrap with compilers and build tool.

Nat! authored on 03-02-2017 17:22:44
February 2, 2017
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Added mulle-brew command, which is a restricted form of mulle-bootstrap.

Nat! authored on 02-02-2017 23:06:22
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Added mulle-brew command, which is a restricted form of mulle-bootstrap.

Nat! authored on 02-02-2017 21:32:58
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Improve performance by rememebering what has been fetched

Nat! authored on 02-02-2017 18:52:18
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Looks pretty good, now.

Nat! authored on 02-02-2017 16:40:03
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More general improvements and bugfixes, really too much for a simple commit message.

Nat! authored on 30-01-2017 15:29:46 • Nat! committed on 02-02-2017 11:49:13
January 21, 2017
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Just greatly improve the documentation. Some of the documented stuff is already implemented, some is not.

Nat! authored on 21-01-2017 14:12:20
January 14, 2017
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Started conversion to 3.0. Tests pass again. Not there yet though.

Nat! authored on 14-01-2017 15:04:33
January 12, 2017
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Fix bug when repository entry is a full path and it gets symlinked. Improve cmake example.

Nat! authored on 12-01-2017 15:59:12
January 11, 2017
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Output more help when verbose is set. cmake sets MULLE_BOOTSTRAP_VERSION, so CMakeLists.txt can determine, which dependencies to use. dox/CMakeLists.txt.example shows how.

Nat! authored on 11-01-2017 11:30:10
January 4, 2017
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--debug, --release flags added

Nat! authored on 04-01-2017 11:40:53
November 17, 2016
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2.5.0 ===

Nat! authored on 17-11-2016 17:02:41