### 3.8.1 * fix archive extraction on linux ### 3.8.0 * new build setting `srcdir` where you can specify the subdirectory, that contains configure, CMakeLists et.c ### 3.7.2 * git fetch exception fixed when mirroring ### 3.7.1 * save git mirrors under their fork names ## 3.7.0 * experimentally added ${GITHUB_REMOTE_ORIGIN} expansion, so you can specify dependencies relative to the original project. * when moving embedded directories around, mulle-bootstrap will now create missing target directories * renamed `clone_cache` to `git_mirror` because that's better. `refresh_cache` is now `refresh_git_mirror`. * added option `--no-git-mirror * added `type` command to introspect the bootstrap topology easier * avoid superflous updating of mirrored git clones during one session, which speeds up things considerably, when mirroring * fix bug of failing symlinks, when the destination itself is accessed via a symlink ### 3.6.7 * reduce verbosity in some places and hide ugly symlink paths ### 3.6.6 * fix a few regressions ### 3.6.5 * remove superflous set_build_needed ### 3.6.4 * fix accidental create of `.bootstap.local` as a file * when using clone chaches, mulle-bootstrap update and upgrade now work as one would expect. It would be good to erase your old clone caches. ### 3.6.3 * fix missing include in warn scripts ### 3.6.2 * fix and improve systeminstall (formerly just install) ### 3.6.1 * bug fixes ## 3.6 * Improved the dependencies copying routing. Now also copies `share` `sbin` `bin` `libexec` and picks up more possible output directories. `sbin` and `bin` will me merged into `dependencies/bin`. * Improve path construction, omitting empty components * Don't output superflous linefeed with paths * removed -fb flag, because it's just the same as clean before build. * Added a --from flag to build, so you can rebuild from a starting point. ### 3.5.4 * fix brews not being installed * clean dist now also dist cleans minions embedded repositories ### 3.5.4 * fix bug in ${expansion:-default} ### 3.5.2 #### `caches_path`renamed to more sensible `search_path` * experimentally, don't kill so hard anymore when failing (mostly for mulle-builds sake) * Because `mulle-bootstrap setting` now works, init by default does not create demo files any more. Inverted meaning of -d flag. * Various improvements to mulle-brew handling * The paths default is now to output an unquoted one-liner. This is less correct but simpler. * Added `mulle-bootstrap run`. See mulle-brew for more details. * Add proper version check in mulle-functions, so that mulle-brew doesn't run with wrong libraries ### 3.4.0 * added handling of `additional_repositories`. This is supposed to be used in `.bootstrap.local`. This way I can specify a "MulleFoundation" dependency if I want to compile for mulle-objc. But sometimes I want the Apple Foundation. * finally added list command for `setting`. All that's needed now is a scripts setting to list all scripts * -fb automatically adds `-U *` to CMAKEFLAGS so that cached values are ignored, this reduces a lot of WTF moments. * `CMAKE_FLAGS` is now `CMAKEFLAGS ### 3.3.0 * `mulle-bootstrap project-path` prints out what it thinks your project path is. This is helpful for **mulle-build**. * Improve output of `mulle-bootstrap -v help`. * An empty expansion in repositories is now an error by default. But you can change it back to previous behavior with `mulle-bootstrap config -n empty_expansion_is_error` * The `-g` option no longer works for `mulle-bootstrap config`, use the `-u` setting to set values in `~/.bootstrap`. This unconfuses the '-g' which means `.bootstrap` and not `.bootstrap.local`, the default. * `mulle-bootstrap expansion -l` works now * You can now use `<key>=<value>` to set settings and expansions. This makes it easier to copy/paste show output. * Missing but not required repositories no longer produce a build error * added `-fb` as lesser -force mode than -f. * old Frameworks of previous builds are not a problem anymore * With config `use_cc_cxx=NO` mulle-bootstrap won't read the compiler to use from `.CC` and `.CXX`. ### 3.2.0 Do not specify cmake dependency in homebrew formula for mulle-bootstrap, since cmake is not absolutely required. Rather check this at runtime and output some helpful hints. ### 3.1.0 You can allow optional fetches to fail my listing repository-names, that are required. (embeded_repositories <-> embedded_required) Fixes some bugs. Still alpha though. # 3.0 #### New commands: defer, emancipate, flags, status #### mulle-bootstrap command syntax was related to git, but now it's related to homebrew and apt-get. This has been done, because I wan't to have mulle-brew as a separate shell command, and the git syntax doesn't fit. That means, mulle-bootstrap fetch is now just a deprecated synonym for mulle-bootstrap install mulle-bootstrap update is now mulle-bootstrap upgrade. mulle-bootstrap install is now mulle-bootstrap systeminstall #### The way settings work as drastically changed too much to list here * config now returns the default value, if nothing is configured * various changes in variables Now | Before | Description ------------------|---------------------|-------------------------- DEPENDENCIES_DIR | DEPENDENCIES_DIR | ADDICTIONS_DIR | ADDICTIONS_DIR | BOOTSTRAP_DIR | BOOTSTRAP_SUBDIR | REPOS_DIR | CLONES_SUBDIR | | CLONESFETCH_SUBDIR | Does not exist anymore * libexec is now found relative to $0 so the install script does not need to patch anymore. It's also convenient for the test scripts * various status files are now prefixed with .bootstrap_ * **tag** as a setting does not exist anymore. Now its part of the repositories line * A lot of options have changed. Too many to mention. Sorry about this, but progres... ### 2.6.1 * fix bug with absolute paths ## 2.6.0 * mulle-bootstrap announces itself to cmake with -DMULLE_EXECUTABLE_VERSION ### 2.5.2 * -v -h gives more help * renamed -tt to -tit and -tp to -tip, because it's more logical ### 2.5.1 * Allow --debug and --release as shortcuts for -c Debug and -c Release, because I am lazy and I expect it. ## 2.5.0 * Improve usage for `mulle-bootstrap init` * Reduce verbosity for PATH to fluff * The --no-recursion flag has been fixed, the old behaviour is now available as --no-embedded. * Use eval exekutor for cmake to better inherit CMAKEFLAGS and protect paths with spaces. * build now acknowledges --check-usr-local-include also * With --prefix you can change /usr/local on the commandline for build and fetch ### 2.4.2 Make PATH generation compatible with homebrew shims ### 2.4.1 Exit with 0 when printing version. Emit better .gitignore code for symlinked embedded repos ## 2.4.0 Fix failing update for projects with only embedded repositories. * experimental fetch flag -es added. This allows fetch to symlink embedded repositories. ## 2.3 The main new feature of 2.3 is support for working with different repositories. E.g. I host releases on GitHub on a branch "release", which are accessed via https://, but when I develop I use Mulle KybernetiK on branch "master". The "trick" is to use parameterized branches and urls like so: ``` $ cat .bootstrap/repositories ${MULLE_REPOSITORIES}/mulle-c11;;${MULLE_C11_BRANCH:-release} $ cat .bootstrap/MULLE_REPOSITORIES https://github.com/mulle-nat ``` This works for the release part. Locally though in the non-committed `.bootstrap.local`: ``` $ cat MULLE_REPOSITORIES nat@mulle-kybernetik.com:/scm/public_git/repositories $ cat MULLE_C11_BRANCH master ``` ### Changes * clarified the use of options vs. flags some more. e.g. git GITFLAGS command GITOPTIONS. * update will now also refresh * improved refresh check, should now properly detect edited config files, except if the edit is less than a second after the last refresh run. Death of the hidden -fr flag * start version checking bootstrap contents * -f flag will now also try to checkout branches, that are checked out incorrectly * fetch gains -i option, to ignore "wrongly" checked out repositories * fails are prefixed with the command, that caused the failure * use unexpanded URLs for dependency matches and store those into .bootstrap.auto * mulle-bootstrap now picks up URL changes and corrects them in fetched repositiories, but that does not per se force an update. * try to detect changes in .bootstrap better * improved retrieval of settings for embedded repositories * improved dependency code * some more checks, that embedded repositories do not clobber symlinked content * added -D bootstrap flag to create .bootstrap.local definition files. Convenient for specifiying alternate URLs for example. ### 2.2.1 * fix for Linux ## 2.2 * `mulle-bootstrap tag` will now also tag embedded repositories * `mulle-bootstrap git` will now also grace embedded repositories, so `mulle-bootstrap git status -s` is now better * reworked tag to be more aware of git flags, so `mulle-bootstrap tag -l` now works ### 2.1.4 * use a safer but uglier method to append to .gitignore ### 2.1.3 * Improve performance especially on windows, due to less superflous refreshes ### 2.1.2 * expose some more flags to usage. Distinguish between flags and options. * The description of -V was wrong. * Moved -c to fetch options as -cs to avoid clash with build flags ### 2.1.1 * Improve usage to show more available commands * redid the IFS setting/resetting chores ## 2.1 **The changes should be harmless, but to be safe `mulle-bootstrap dist clean` your projects** This version has some additions, that enable a more flexible use of embedded repositories to "compose" source trees. Up till 2.1 embedded repositories were always placed into the project root. Now you can specify the subdirectory like "src/embedded/foo" (relative to project root). Better fetch and build code checks that dependencies, that are installed in `/usr/local` already, need not be fetched again. This can be helpful, when building brew packages (for example). (**-nb**) Support for `mulle-build` which has an in general more optimistic approach to life. 2.3 will focus on making operations faster in the Windows bash shell. #### Commands * started on `mulle-bootstrap config`. First implemented setting is `warn_scripts`. You can turn off scripts warning, with `mulle-bootstrap config -on dont_warn_scripts` * added `git` command, so you can say `mulle-bootstrap git status`. Going to become more useful over time. * renamed hidden option **-r** to **-l** (sorry) * **-f** option removed from build/fetch options, as it didn't do anything. The **-f** for mulle-bootstrap is still there though. * new **-c** switch to enable checking `/usr/local/include` for dependency libraries conveniently from the command line. Fix build to add `/usr/local/include` to build, if `check_usr_local_include` is YES. * remove obsolete `mulle-bootstrap-project.sh` and `mulle-bootstrap project`. The idea behind that has been moved to `mulle-build`. #### Features * embedded repositories can now be placed at an arbitrary position within your project tree * allow build and fetch options to be passed to `bootstrap` * improved comments in repositories` and `embedded_repositories` templates * pass ADDICTIONS_DIR to build systems * improve optimistic support, by memorizing if a fetch, refresh, build went thru successfully. The automatic refresh should run much less often now. #### Cmake * fixed multiple path settings for cmake * a project can indicate its preferred CC or CXX compiler by files .CC and .CXX in it's project root. e.g. `echo "mulle-clang" > .CC`. This can be overridden by settings. It's there because I have problems when not specifying the compiler on the command line. #### Bugfixes * fixed a problem in the parsing of the repositories file * fixed some as of yet unknown bugs, by improving some path functions * changes in deeply embedded repositories are now better tracked * call warn scripts earlier, when bootstrapping * fix dry run for commands with output redirection * fix ALL/NONE in yes no answers to work again ### 2.0.1 Fixes two bugs * fix problem in refresh using '==' instead of '=' * fix cut not using -s for extra parameters # 2.0 #### YOUR OLD STUFF MAY NOT RUN ANYMORE Do a `mulle-bootstrap dist clean`. ### YOUR OLD SETTINGS MAY NOT WORK ANYMORE! Move all repo specific setting directories from `.bootstrap/settings/<reponame> ` to `.bootstrap/<reponame>` #### YOUR OLD SCRIPTS MAY NOT WORK ANYMORE! * Fetch script names have changed. *-install.sh is now *-fetch.sh. #### Changes * Add pre-build.sh script phase (for libcurl really) * Brew formulas are now installed locally into "addictions". A folder which lies besides "dependencies". This is a pretty huge change. By removing pips and gems, mulle-bootstrap can now claim to do only project relative installs. * mulle-bootstrap xcode changed to emit a non-xcode project relative `$(DEPENDENCIES_DIR)` setting. Admittedly an experimental hack. But the old more proper way, didn't work with cmake generated xcode projects. * reorganized repository structure a bit * You can now specify ALL (always YES) or NONE (always NO) at the y/n prompt. * Support for MINGW on Windows for cmake and configure (experimental) * Finally added a proper dependency resolver * -f option now recognized by build and fetch * rewrote mulle-bootstrap so that the files in libexec are included and not executed, which is nicer for less environment pollution and ever so slightly better performance. * rewrote mulle-bootstrap so that it works on systems, which do not have symlinks available. This meant that I had to redo the whole settings inheritance scheme. * -v is now more interesting to watch * renamed build setting OTHER_CPPFLAGS to OTHER_CXXFLAGS (!) * UNAME is now simplified and lowercased(!) * redid the settings merge and inheritance logic. It's now a bit more scrutable. * removed build_order from settings * script names have changed. For instance, post-install.sh is now post-fetch.sh. * dist-clean is gone, now dist means "clean dist". You can also say dist clean it doesn't matter. * don't pollute .gitignore with embedded repositories inside .repos# * reduced configurability of mulle-bootstrap, since I didn't use it so far much and it slows things down on MINGW ## 1.1 * Fix tar install, which was broken * Fix some wordings * You can now put configuration setting like variables into the URL. Like so: https://${host:-www.mulle-kybernetik.com}:foo.git. Define the host like a regular fetch setting. `echo "x.y.com" > .bootstrap/host` * Fix help screen for refresh and update * Don't complain if there are no dependencies generated # 1.0 Version 1.0 breaks compatibility with the previous version. You should "clean" everything. * **change in the dependencies/ structure** it's now dependencies/Debug/lib for Debug and dependencies/lib for Release * The default built is Release only * mulle-bootstrap tag can now '-f' force tags and '-d' delete tags * mulle-bootstrap no longer places headers into `dependencies/usr/local/include` but just into `dependencies/include` * the 'tag' command is now less powerful. It just tags the fetched repositories, because that's mulle-bootstraps scope. The tag 'script facility' has been eliminated. * new clean target "install" * removed convert-pre-0.10 and ibuild commands * ConsoleMovies are gone, I am too lazy to maintain them. * Improve generation of -F and -L flags in cmake and configure * cmake and configure always add `/usr/local/include` and link with `/usr/local/lib` (mostly due to brew installing dependencies there). * redid the verbosity logging with -v, -vv , -vvv, -t * clean before build is no longer the default ## 0.26 * Check library scripts version vs. executable version (paranoia) * Skip Dirty Harry with -f flag. * improve FAQ a little * Reverse oder of repositories when updating, because this catches deep renames. Update now also fetches repositories, if they aren't there yet. * Make the Dirty Harry check less foolproof, but also less annoying. ## 0.25 * Remove python dependency * **bootstrap: refresh between fetch and build** ## 0.24 * Fix releasenotes underscores * Fix xcodebuild path ## 0.23 * Added -k options to build, to control cleaning before build. You can now specify the default configurations to build with -c. e.g. `mulle-bootstrap -c "Debug" * Improved library and frameworks searchpath generation. * You can pass build a "-j <cores>" flag, for cmake/make to parallelize the build. * Specify `ARCHS='${NATIVE_ARCH_ACTUAL}' mulle-bootstrap build`, when you want to override the ARCHS setting for an Xcode build. Kinda hackish. * xcodebuild routine does not overwrite `INSTALL_PATH` anymore. * `mulle-bootstrap clean` has **output** as the new default * Fix accidental IFS overwrite problem, resulting in git calls failing * Install brews first, since they might load prerequisites for shell scripts. * Allow user to specify `source_dir` build setting for projects, that do not have CMakeLists.txt or .xcodeproj or configure in the top level. * the Source Code Management system is no longer read from a .scm file, but instead specified in the fourth field of repositories. The default is still git and the only available alternative is still svn. url;name;branch;scm * Improve repository merge order again. * Fix cmake to not always compile with DEBUG options. Allow to supply cmake flags via "cmakeflags" root build setting. ## 0.22 * Fix repository order when merging. You should know, that the repository order in `.bootstrap/repositories` needs to be in proper sorted order. Only than can mulle-bootstrap figure out the recursive dependencies correctly. * Allow clone of specific branches by changing the repository spec line to url;name;branch ``` https://www.mulle-kybernetik.com/repositories/mulle-configuration;;MulleFoundation ``` uses the default name, but fetches the MulleFoundation branch. * Huge change: CMake (and configure) are now the prefered build systems even on OS X (if a `CMakeLists.txt` is available). xcodebuild becomes a fallback preference. The reasons are: 1. CMake + Make seem faster than xcodebuild 2. It forces me to keep up the CMakeLists.txt with the Xcode project If you don't like it change the build setting 'build_preferences'. * mulle-bootstrap recognizes that bare repositories need to be cloned more often now, if not always. * Make mulle-bootstrap more resilient against aborted fetches, added Dirty Harry quote. * Uses `CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS` and `CMAKE_SHARED_LINKER_FLAGS` instead of `CMAKE_LD_FLAGS`. * Fix wrong --recursive for svn checkout. ## 0.21 * Fix a bug when updating * When updating ignore symlinked repositories and do not update embedded repositories of said symlinks. * Fixed option handling, so now -y -v and -v -y are possible. It used to be that the order was -y -v. * Embeded repository settings do not get inherited, from other repos, which is just confusing. * Make the zombiefication code a bit more clever, when expected repos aren't there (yet). ## 0.20 * Replace `CLONES_FETCH_SUBDIR` with `REPOS_DIR`. * mulle-bootstrap now uses the zombie repository detection to actually bury unused repositories. Check out "tests/refresh/refresh.sh" how this actually works. The upshot is, all changes in the repositories settings are now reflected on refresh. * Fix a bug in `combined_escaped_search_path`, which produced ugly and wrong search paths (that didn't matter). * Pass `DEPENDENCIES_DIR` via command line, which fixes some subtle problems with missing libraries, due to -force_load and friends. * Started mulle-bootstrap project. The general idea is to do also manage the project that contains the .bootstrap folder (at least a little bit). So `mulle-bootstrap clone` is now `mulle-bootstrap project clone * Better deep fetch and refresh avoids redoing repositories (could be better though still) * Don't append to log files, overwrite them. * script build shows better info on failure * Fix recursive repository agglomeration to not output duplicate lines * Grep those lines with an exact line match ## 0.19 * Forgot a -f on a ln -s , which could result in an irritating output. * Now also refresh before fetching. mulle-bootstrap will now be able to pick up changes in recursive repositories. And fetch additional repos as needed, so you don't need to clean dist. * Produce more helpful output if cmake is missing. * Experimental support for "mulle-bootstrap clone", which will clone and build a remote repository. * Nicer markup for RELEASENOTES.md ## 0.18 * Refixed: Fix old favorite bug build_ignore became a directory bug) again ... * Added refresh, which will be called before build and update automatically to rebuild .bootstrap.auto. ## 0.17 * Fixed the broken inheritance. The "Always redo bootstrap.auto folder on fetch" fix in 0.15, was in the wrong position. So 0.15 and 0.16 are totally broken releases. Sorry. ## 0.16 * Fixed misnamed exekutor. * Fix old favorite bug build_ignore became a directory bug) again ... ## 0.15 * `tag` checks in all repositories, that a tag does not exist. * Remove some fluff from regular output. * Fix a bug involving settings copy (build_ignore became a directory bug) * Executed commands are now prefixed with ==> for better readability. * Always redo bootstrap.auto folder on fetch, which means that you don't need to clean dist anymore after editing .bootstrap files. * Forgot to write-protect dependencies, when only partial builds were done. ## 0.14 * Fix various uglies. * Make white terminals more happening with color choices. * -v circumvents building into a logfile, which is sometimes more convenient. ## 0.13 * Fix colorization by using printf, instead of echo. ## 0.12 * Run post-install.sh also on embedded repositories. Sometimes useful, when you need ./configure to produce some headers. * Add parameters to "Executing script" line. * Add "checkout" git flags, to fine tune the clone. But use --recursive per default. ## 0.11 * Fixes another stale headers problem. Project is creeping towards a 1.0. ## 0.10 * Fetch settings can be platform specific by using the `uname` as a file extension. e.g. repositories.Darwin. Other settings may follow, if the need arises. So far it hasn't. * Added `embedded_repositories`` for those special moments, where you don't want to link another project, but just steal a few files. These gits are installed in your projects root and they are not built. You can not symlink them into your project, just clone them. * Because I needed ancient and dying svn for MulleScion, you can now remap from the default git to svn, by creating a file <reponame>.scm. That contains the string "svn" then. * *** Renamed "gits" to "repositories" *** * Use mulle-bootstrap convert-pre.0.10 ~/src to convert all .bootstrap folders that `find` can find. * Do `mulle-bootstrap -n -v convert-pre-0.10 ${HOME}` to check what it's doing. * Install dummy dirs for xcodebuild too, to avoid boring compiler warnings. * Always overwrite headers, otherwise old and stale headers make life unnecessarily more complicated. ### 0.9.8 * Brings more Linux fixes ### 0.9.7 * Allow mulle-bootstrap version to work everywhere. ### 0.9.6 * Figured out that some terminal windows have a white background (duh). * Fixed shifts for Ubuntu's hated dash. * Fixed some other Linux problems. ### 0.9.5 * Messed up the tagging somewhat... 0.9.1 and 0.9.2 were the same and * 0.9.3 doesn't even exist. So now 0.9.5 is the one. * Don't trace environment reads of `MULLE_BOOTSTRAP_ANSWER` and * `MULLE_BOOTSTRAP_VERBOSE`. * Fix xcodebuild log filename generation * Fix dry run some more. * Less output during dispensal, when not using -v. * Reduce usage output to 25 lines. ### 0.9.1 * Fix cmake and configure build. ## 0.9 * Specifying repos with mulle-bootstrap build <repos> was broken. * Added -y option, so everything is answered YES. I use this all the time. * Log xcodebuild command line into logfile. * Fix useless errors during dry run. * ** Changed the way custom "build.sh" scripts are executed. ** * You can give a xcodeproj to mulle-bootstrap xcode directly, nice for sharing dependencies with many subprojects. * Fixes the collection and dispensal of built frameworks. * Added logging to various 'cd' commands. * Collect and dispense symbolic links for directories too (not just for files) * Beautified output a little bit. * Respect the terse flag (-s) during mulle-bootstrap xcode add. * Add VENDOR_PREFIX to mulle-bootstrap-tag as third parameter. ### 0.8.1 * And the fix, just minutes after the "release". warn scripts didn't find a function, and now I have cleaned this up properly, I think. * No more duplicate functions. ## 0.8 * Added dist shortcut, because I always like to type "dist-clean". * Allow upper-case user input for yes/no questions. * Write protect dependencies folder, because I have a tendency to edit the headers. * Automatically append boring directories to .gitignore after fetch. * Inverted script default answer, because it pains me. Also it's not useful when using -a to just "breeze" through. * Redirect build logs to "build/.repos/.logs", because especially xcodebuild is just too verbose. ### 0.7.1 * Fixed an internal error, when using mulle-bootstrap update. ## 0.7 * Added version command ## 0.6 * Improve scripts handling and add a some new phases to the proceedings. Actually the whole script stuff didn't work before... * Scripts in general aren't documented yet, because it's still very much in fluctuation. * More output during setting inheritance. Fix proper inheritance of * build_order and build_ignore. * Lots of en-passant bug fixes. Should be in general better than 0.5 * Add -V option. * Added new did-install script phase. Depending on actual usage, I'll probably ditch some of the other phases again. This is all in flux.