# Writing a build script for mulle-bootstrap Assume you want to create a custom build script for a dependency "foo". In the simplest case "foo" contains an \"install.sh\" script: ``` mkdir -p .bootstrap/foo.build/bin cat <<EOF > .bootstrap/foo.build/bin/build.sh #! /bin/sh configuration="$1" # usually either Release or Debug, default Release stashdir="$2" # same as ${PWD} builddir="$3" # a place to put intermediate files dstdir="$4" # where to install to (e.g. /usr/local) name="$5" # "foo" sdk="$6" # Usually "Default" ./install.sh "$3" EOF chmod 755 .bootstrap/foo.build/bin/build.sh ``` ## Getting logging support from mulle-bootstrap Spice up your script with mulle-bootstrap logging functionality: ``` . mulle-bootstrap-logging.sh log_info "Info" log_warning "Warning" log_verbose "Verbose" log_fluff "Fluff" fail "Failed" ```