Gamleschule Screensaver

This is an OpenGL Screensaver for Mac OS X. It has been written and tested on a Cube with 450 MHz and the stock ATI Rage 128 card. On this setup in a resolution of 1152x870 it runs to our satisfaction. The higher the resolution, the better it should look.

Klaus and Nat! hacked this up on a lazy weekend to experiment with Altivec coding, but unfortunately we never got around to do the Altivec stuff. There isn't a whole lot to be saved by doing Altivec ourselves, because most of the math is done by OpenGL. So an Altivec version is unlikely right now

This screensaver is loosely based on the old X Particle Screensaver. If you want the source email Nat!, and he will page it in here.

Since the MaedaWheels screensaver was almost exlusively downloaded in the gzipped tar format, we have not provided a DMG file. To install simply copy the Gamleschule.saver into /Library/Screen Savers.

If you have problems opening the tgz archive, download OpenUp and try again

  Gamleschule.saver.tgz Gamleschule.saver.tgz
  The current version is 0.0.
  There is nothing you can configure yet.