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Two great frameworks. One provides seamless extensions of Foundation and AppKit. The other has everything you need to deal with mail and news messages. Both are released under a BSD style Open Source license.

The origins of the EDCommon und EDMessage frameworks date back to 1997 and the original NeXT implementation of the OpenStep standard. Most of their components have been thoroughly tested and refined through years of use in Open Source as well as in commercial projects. EDCommon also has full Apple-style reference documentation for all classes and other APIs.

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The EDCommon framework extends Foundation and AppKit in a natural way. It contains common methods you always need, like removing whitespace around a string, special collection classes such as stack or object pair, an object-oriented API for socket programming, some widgets, a parser for markup languages and other nifty stuff.

The EDMessage framework contains classes to parse and create Internet messages with MIME extensions. It also contains a ready-to-use email client class that suports TLS, authentication, and a few other useful extensions.

Finally, the license in the source files stipulates that if you use the frameworks you have to mention the authors of the frameworks at an appropriate place in your application/documentation. This would be Erik Dörnenburg for all frameworks and, additionally, Axel Katerbau for the EDMessage framework. If you feel like it display one of the logos and/or a link to Mulle Kybernetik. This is not required, though.

Some projects that use the ED Frameworks:

A client/server implementation of the XML-RPC specification. This framework in turn is used in a variety of projects.

An RSS reader wrapped up as a dockling. Slashdot, Freshmeat, Mulle News in your dock!

A menu bar item that displays the status of projects on CruiseControl continuous integration servers.

Ginko/Message Services
A user friendly email (and later usenet news) client for Mac OS X. Currently, the main test application for the EDMessage framework.

Newsreader application for Mac OS X. Successor to Alexandra, the newsreader for NeXTSTEP. This is where the frameworks originated.

The EOF based OpenSource bugtracking system with AppKit and Web frontend.

NetBarrier X
Personal firewall. Uses the e-mail client in the EDMessage framework.

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