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This is an attempt to document the internals of the Jaguar, Ataris highly successful <grin> 64 bit videogame console. This documentation is created independent of Atari and provided to you for educational purposes only.
What you're seeing is a work in progress, that will probably never be completed, but all the basic information needed to program the beast is there or so we feel. There aren't as far as we can see many white areas left, and one should be able to write software on the Jaguar now w/o the need for other documentation.
The documentation is still very much in need of clarification and debugging, and you're very much welcome to join in the effort. If you find anything that is missing or described incorrectly, please by all means let us know. If you prefer to remain anoymous, that's OK.

Updated versions of these documents are spread exclusively via Mulle kybernetiK. The documentation isn't fully HTMLized yet (and probably never will be). Although the dox still are preformatted ASCIIsh looking, they are HTML texts, that don't look all that good in raw format in an editor (any more). For ASCII readers only, the documentation ZIP set now contains a UNIX shell script, to convert some HTML code into readable text.

We can not emphasize enough that these docs still contain a few inaccuracies. We are still finding bugs, because we made stupid assumptions and/or didn't test carefully enough. If something isn't working as expected try an experiment on your own. And then tell us about it!

Nevertheless we hope that these files will prove to be helpful in your explorations. Good luck.

Technical Information


This is work is not yet complete and we need your help. So we got a few questions for you. If you got an answer or a hint, let us know. For your sanity you might also consider reading even more caveats. You can look at the changes that occurred between this in the last revision(s) of the documentation set.

Download the documentation set

If you're lucky you can get a ZIP archive of the documentation for offline perusal. If this doesn't work and you don't want to save all the files by hand, let me hint you towards webcopy

For some free development software for the Jaguar take a look at this slightly unorthodox WWW location. For general info about hacking independently on the Jaguar try the Jaguar Server page by Roine Stenberg or the Behind Jaggi Lines page by 42Bastian Schick.

Atari, Atari Jaguar etc pp are most certainly trademarks of Atari Corp.

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