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Obsolete Software


HexDecBin is a little utility, that converts various number representations in real time.


Homepage of the ALX3000 newsreader. Part of its core technology, EDCommon & EDMessage frameworks, are already available for download.


One of our most popular downloads still, although there aren't any machines on which it runs. Download it and try for yourself :)


Free Objective-C Cryptography Framework. Contains digests and ciphers!


A small program that could be a Java PreProcessor when it's grown up ...


The EOF based OpenSource bugtracking system with AppKit and WWW frontend.


The MulleAudioCDDetector is a background program that launches the registered program for audio files, whenever an audio CD is inserted.
iTunes 2.0.1 made the MulleAudioCDDetector superflous.

Quake III Arena Server Snooper

This is a Mac OS X Server application that checked the LAN for Quake servers. Very useful in big multi-media companies. The homepage looks a little dated, but I still get a kick out of it. Featured on Bluesnews and even led to a small email exchange with Carmack. I am so proud :)


Create Mac OS X compatible applications using the still more useable ProjectBuilderWO.
Version 0.1


Detects and displays problems in the performance of your WebObjects applications. Version 0.9


Small tool to combine TIFF icons for Mac OS X Server 1.2 (that's really old). Obsoleted by Icon Composer from the developer tools.


Wrap Java JAR files conveniently into Mac OS X Frameworks.
Version 0.4