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What is MulleFaBVisualizer ?

The MulleFaBVisualizer is an interactive article exploring an area of AppKit's functionality, that developers (including myself) often have a problem to fully grasp. The article is a small Cocoa app with lots of help and explanatory text to guide and help you in your explorations.


Binary and Source are distributed as compressed gnutar archives. Unpack the binary adaptor in the application directory of your choice with gnutar xfz, do not use the standard tar.


The source is a ProjectBuilder WO project. If you don't have that IDE installed (it's still on the tools disk of Mac OS X 10.1 - you have to install it manually), you can import this project into the new Project Builder.

What is Frame and Bounds ?

In AppKit all interface elements are based on a class called NSView. An NSView is responsible for painting a certain part of the screen with its graphics. An example for a NSView is NSButton, which draws your usual "OK" and "Cancel" buttons.

The rendering process from the method that draws a graphic in a screen independent fashion to the screen is explored and detailed in this article. Illustration Bounds and Frames

Illustration of the rendering process. (From the MulleFaBVisualizer Help)