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 Post subject: Previous Announcements (migrated)
PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2003 1:05 am 
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Here are the previous announcements moved over from the HTML pages, so that they are in one place.

Revision History

November 3, 2003 - This log is now closed
Further announcements are made in the Announcements and News Forum.

November 1, 2003 - New Forum Software installed
phpbb2 is heaps better than Forum Romanum. Check it out.

Oktober 22, 2003 - Scans added
Scanned a few book covers in to pretty up the new and improved "Novel" page.

- Novels with Reader Comments
Now you can also comment on the novels. Please do!

Oktober 17, 2003 - Redid the links page
Removed many stale links, tried to salvage as many as I could. Also linked in the Online Stories.

Oktober 2, 2003 - Shortstories online
Got some links from Michael Gerber at about three short stories that are online. I linked them into the short story collections.

- 2002 Award added
Check it out on the bio page.

Juli 13, 2003 - Hacked in all shortstories into the CMS
Allowed comments on all shortstories. I hope some of you will pick up the gauntlet and write something interesting.

Juni 9, 2003 - Moveable Type migration started
Migrated the bio.html page and the about.html page to Moveable Type, because I just can't bear to edit these HTML pages any longer without a nice front end.

old revision log in reverse order

24. Aug. 1997 - Due to massive overdosing during the last overhaul of this site, I think I will take a few weeks off now and not touch any Lafferty, although I got three unread books in the queue.

16. Okt. 1997 - Got a few more books, read a few more and updated the page accordingly. Thanks for all the feedback so far.

1.Nov.1997 - Since 16.Okt a lot of changes have been and will be made. By the end of the year I should be getting a lot more Lafferty material.

29.Nov.1997 - Added finally two summaries in the Novel section. Fixed up the bio info a bit.

3.Feb.1998 - Still waiting for the 1.Nov shipment...
In the meantime I got a lot of info about german translations from Christian Pree

10.Feb.1998 - News from Lafferty's cousin!! Thanks to Chris Merle from the OSFW for thisinfo

12.Mar.1998 - Got a lot of information concerning dutch translations and shortstories fromJohan Elzer. I also got some nice background info and shortstory info from Sheryl Smith. I finally got the 1.Nov shipment and am wading knee-deep in Lafferty material. Expect to see updates more regularly. Also check out the Links as I have added a lot of background links there.

30.Mar.1998 - Added translation information from Piotr Gociek Fixed message-board for Netscape consumption.

01.Apr.1998 - Slight HTML fixes. Added a shortstory review.

17.Apr.1998 - Sigh, one more Netscape table bug in mainpage killed

18.Jul.1998 - Fixed a few short stories typos, and corrected the ratings statistics, which were really sloppy. Added a link to Crank!

21.Jul.1998 - Fixed some broken links (thanks go to Carol de Priest for bringing this to my attention)

25.Aug.1998 - Fixed message board strangeness, by removing a comment. This should hopefuly work fine now. Read Aurelia. Thanks to Gary Bearman for graciously providing me with a copy. Review coming soon.

3.Dec.1998 - Added a link, update the novel section a bit. I still haven't gotten around to writing reviews proper for Alaric and Aurelia. Actually I do like them both. Started with the Coscuin chronicles again, but didn't get very far - again. A bit the "Devil is Dead"ish, which I found also a drag to read. I am a shortstory fan :)

24.Feb.1999 - Background work for a really big change with a switch to WebObjects and plans for a user updateable Database. Its gonna be big, if it works :) Took the time to destill some info into a Genealogy Chart which I did with Generations I tool I can recommend and mapped with MapMaker32 which is a crashing piece of garbage and you should avoid.

1.Mar.1999 - Added Funnyfingers & Cabrito to the shortstory collections, just 1 hour after receipt.

21.Mar.1999 - Read Tales of Midnight and Argo made a few fixes and updates in the Novel page. Nothing dramatic.

25.Mar.1999 - Got Ringing Changes, typed the table of contents for the Anthology page. Added a few links.

26.Mar.1999 - Added four short story reviews. Removed a bogus entry

9.Apr.1999 - Rated I don't care who keeps the cows. Coding for the database entry program is underway. But unfortunately I don't find much time for it.

14. Jun 1999 - Added five more reviews to the shortstory section.

21. Mar 2000 - Moved the Lafferty page again, to its final place at Some minor cosmetic changes. New messageboard.

14. Sep 2000 - Some more minor cosmetic changes for hopefully better visuals. Hosting has been on for a while now.

19. Aug 2001 - Added two shortstories to the list. Added a link. Added a biographical fact.

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