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Author:  Nat! [ Fri Mar 20, 1998 2:50 pm ]
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This is the new message board. It's nicer to handle for me (the admin) and hopefully nicer for you too!

Author:  Nat! [ Fri Mar 20, 1998 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Old Messageboard

Hello folks. As I indicated earlier, the R.A. Lafferty Devotional Page will migrate to a new server. I will keep the page at <a href="http://members.tripod.com/~R_A_L">Tripod</a> also also, but the new one will be the one, who gets the updates the earliest. For convenience, bookmark the new address and you'll be rid of the annoying advertisement.
(To get to the new sites main page, klick on the Devotional Page Logo in the left, black vertical bar.) Enjoy the new message board (already running on the new site) and the painless browsing.

Author:  Nateal wells [ Mon Apr 13, 1998 12:54 am ]
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For many years, I've known Ray was retired from writing and alive Oklahoma. Technology and family ties will now let me send him the thanks that any aspiring writer who's read Ray's work 05 know: Art outlives its creators, becoming grist for our grandchildrens' summer dreams. We have a chance, the responsibility to bring forward these wacky, insightful, stories-beyond-genre, if for nothing more than to tell our children that they can dream, and in any color that they choose. Thanks Nat for the Devotional Pages! Anyone, I'm looking for a copy of "Apocalypses". I have "Ringing Changes" and "Nine Hundred Grandmothers". Any short-term trades? ~N~ Kirkland, WA

Author:  Nat! [ Wed May 13, 1998 4:08 pm ]
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Does anyone happen to know the contents of the Pendragon Book "Funnyfingers & Cabrito" ? I got both stories in other collections already, but 05be there are a few more stories contained therein ? Thanks a lot in advance.

Author:  Geof Miller [ Fri May 29, 1998 11:16 pm ]
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My first Lafferty book was "Nine Hundred Grandmothers" was a torn-off-cover copy I found at The Devil's Printer bookshop in Connecticutt. Loaned it to someone. Got my second copy, a brand-spanking-new Ace paperback. Lost it, along with my copy of Apocalypses. So I'm looking for a copy of "Grandmothers". I have a hardback of "Does Anyone Else Have Something Further to Add" to trade. Or I'll pay cash.

Author:  Al Krause [ Fri Jun 05, 1998 4:31 am ]
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Folks, I need some help. YEARS ago I read a Lafferty SS about women who took over the earth by mesmerizing men with their beauty. Rafferty described one lady ... "gothic upsweep of her neck", "her hips made a movement not seen since the days of sailing ships". After reading that, I put the book down and allowed that I'd give body parts to be able to write like that. I've been looking for that story ever since, but I don't have a clue as to the title. Anyone? Thanks. -Al

Author:  Bryan [ Tue Jun 09, 1998 4:25 am ]
Post subject:  Old Messageboard

The story you're looking for is "Parthen," originally published in 1973 and included in the now out of print collection _Ringing Changes_. I'd like to bring to the attention of the Lafferty faithful here my new website, at http://home.earthlink.net/~cranked, which exists to promote my magazine CRANK!. I've had a couple of Lafferty stories in CRANK!, and published two Lafferty books, both of which are still available, though I'm, starting to run low on LAFFERTY IN ORBIT. I've also posted the beginning of a lengthy critical essay about Lafferty, which I would like to get feedback on. --Bryan

Author:  Rob R. Lafferty DVM [ Sat Jun 27, 1998 3:22 am ]
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By surfing the web I found that there is an author with the same last name as mine. Can anyone tell me what kind of books R.A. Lafferty has written and is he still alive? I am interested in reading some of his books. Which one's would you fans recommend? Does anyone know any of the biography of R.A. Lafferty? I was wondering if we are related. Thanks Rob Lafferty DVM

Author:  George Gilbert [ Wed Jul 15, 1998 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Old Messageboard

<em>[I tried posting the following on your R.A. Lafferty Message Board today, but couldn't -- the page remained blank. Maybe you could re-post it for me? Thanks!] -- (OK :) <strong>If anyone has the same problem please email me! I am not aware of any problem)</strong></em>
I just picked up a 1968 copy of R.A. Lafferty's "Space Chantey" from Ace Books, and I found the following quote from Mr. Lafferty in his biography at the beginning. I found the quote to be quite interesting, if not revealing:
"I was a heavy drinker till about eight years ago at which time I cut down on it, beginning my writing attempts about the same time to fill up a certain void."
That would seem to explain the late start in writing (at 45 years of age, right?) as well as, perhaps, his distorted perception of reality. Hey, if Philip K. Dick could turn his drug addictions into "A Scanner Darkly", why couldn't R.A. Lafferty could turn his drinking problem into a writing career? Cheers, George Gilbert

Author:  Don McClane [ Sat Aug 22, 1998 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Old Messageboard

I stopped at a used bookstore in Virginia while on vacation a couple of weeks ago and found several Lafferty novels for prices ranging from $.65 to $1.25. I would be happy to send these at cost (plus postage, please) to anyone who wants to read them. The titles are: Arrive at Easterwine (2 copies) Past Master The Devil is Dead (If you've never read a Lafferty novel, this is the one to start with.) Fourth Mansions The Reefs of Earth Annals of Klepsis (2 copies) If you're interested, please email me privately. Sorry, there were no short story collections there.

Author:  brit baker [ Tue Aug 25, 1998 9:05 am ]
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Hey Lafferty fans, can any one please help me? Over the past year, I have amassed a collection of every book that has either won or been nominated for the Philip K Dick Award. 91 books later, and I am only missing one. The short story collection "Iron Tears", by Lafferty, published by Edgewood Press. Does anyone out there know where I could obtain a copy, or have one they would be willing to part with/sell? I would offer a trade, but the only other Lafferty I have is also part of my collection, "Aurelia", nominated the first year the award was given. That one was pretty hard to find also. So, since I only need one book to complete this obsession I committed myself to, I would probably be willing to pay a fair amount for it. I am just ripe for being taken advantage of! ;) This web page is the first time I've even seen what the cover of the book looks like. Thank you Lafferty fans!

Author:  Nat! [ Tue Aug 25, 1998 9:20 am ]
Post subject:  Old Messageboard

Hopefully the problems some people were having with the messageboard have been alleviated. If not please write me and tell me about it.

Author:  Don McClane [ Fri Aug 28, 1998 6:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Old Messageboard

Writers like Lafferty? There aren't any. Laffertyphiles will likely enjoy Philip K. Dick, but I doubt that's news to anyone here. Lafferty has a number of affinities with Gene Wolfe, the greatest writer alive today, and Lafferty and Wolfe have said nice things about each other in print. G.K. Chesterton's fiction is worth checking out also, particularly _The Man Who Was Thursday_. Afficianados of woozy realities might find Jack Dann's writing interesting; look for his collection _Timetipping_. I bought my copy of _Iron Tears_ from Chris Drumm Books, a dealer in Iowa City. I don't have the address handy (it should be available in an earlier post on the older message board). Why is it that the best writers are the hardest to find?

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