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Author:  Nat! [ Tue Sep 01, 1998 6:43 pm ]
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Does anyone know whether "Aurelia" and "To Aurelia with Horns" are two different books or just two titles for the same book?

Author:  Jessica [ Sat Sep 12, 1998 6:09 pm ]
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Author:  Jessica [ Sat Sep 12, 1998 6:16 pm ]
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sorry about that, i screwed up. Anyway I was asking for help. I have been desperatly seeking a copy of Fourth Mansions (preferably an older copy) for a while now. A copy was lent to me and was stolen I would love to replace it. any one who can help me feel free to e-mail personally Thanks, Jessica

Author:  John Handforth [ Tue Sep 22, 1998 5:55 pm ]
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I strongly disaree with the review assessment of THE DEVIL IS DEAD. Lame indeed. This is a very engaging piece of whimsy although perhaps you need some Irish blood to fully appreciate it. Again, I think Fourth Mansions is one of his best novels and one of his most accessible. I have a hard-cover copy of NOT TO MENTION CAMELS published in 1976 by THE BOBBS-MERRILL COMPANY INC. INDIANAPOLIS/NEW YORK. This book is the most mind-boggling novel Lafferty ever wrote, and that's saying something. It's part James Joyce part Wittgenstein on Acid. The part about THE LORDS OF THE MEDIA seems more prophetic now than when I first read it 20 years ago. I also just flat-out love WHERE HAVE YOU GONE SANDALIOTIS about the private detective investigating the disappearance of a continent! I am a professional writer and I can't understand why Lafferty isn't better known. He's unique and his imagination should be designated a national treasure! I never met him, but I once spoke with the Ottawa fantasist Charles De Lint who had seen him at a science fiction conference. If memory serves, De Lint said something to the effect that Lafferty could easily been mistaken for a rummy. A brilliant fantasist.

Author:  Nat! [ Wed Sep 23, 1998 4:35 pm ]
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I have two reviews coming up, one for Aurelia with Horns which I liked, and one Alaric (The Fall of Rome), which I don't like at all. I would be very happy if someone would write a review of the latter and send it to me, because it also saddens _me_ to add another entry to the "lame" section...

Author:  Fabio Favaron [ Sun Nov 15, 1998 7:28 pm ]
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Hello Lafferty fans! I'd almost forgotten I used to be one until I stumbled into this page (thank you webmaster). My first Lafferty book was Past Master translated in Italian in the 70s, if you believe it. I then proceeded to look for all the RAL books I could find in the original language, a very difficult task in Italy at the time (Laffertian question: how do you know which was the original language of these books !?). I need to do some catching up, and from what I see here, there must be quite a lot: eat your hearts out! so many unread RAL books! I was never able to judge how popular Mr Lafferty's books are in the English speaking countries. Can anybody answer this question? I also believe RAL books do much more than just have you roll on the floor with laughter, this is misleading and reductive: I believe the man deserves more recognition and he is one of not so many SF writers who are just plain GOOD writers. Camels and dromedaries to you all. Fabio

Author:  George Gilbert [ Fri Dec 04, 1998 2:01 pm ]
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<em>This is something that George Gilbert mailed me, which I am putting here. I couldn't access the site, but thats probably because of my cookie avoidance setup</em>
Chapters books just went on-line here in Canada the other day, and here's the bio theyíve presented for R.A. Lafferty:
<a href="http://www.chaptersglobe.com/author/authorbio.asp?AUTHID=9289">http://www.chaptersglobe.com/author/authorbio.asp?AUTHID=9289</a>

Author:  Pedro Trotzn [ Sat Dec 05, 1998 9:16 am ]
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HI! Are there any spanish Lafferty fans out there? I'll be willing to contact them since the only transalated book I could find was 900 grandmothers... All the others I had to read them in English... And it is still a bit too difficult for me to get all the jokes and double meanings... (As you must know, there are MANY!). Un saludo desde tecnofamilia!

Author:  Shiloh [ Thu Dec 24, 1998 9:19 am ]
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Attention all RAL fans who are desperate for more: you may be interested to know that Barnes and Noble's website now has available the Bongo Press edition of RAL's "It's Down the Slippery Cellar Stairs." This is a collection of "essays" (I put that in quotes because, although they are called essays on the cover, we RAL fans know there is not really a concrete word for what these writings are, unless you invent terms of your own. "Meanderings" perhaps?) This is a short but wonderful book of RAL's thoughts on science fiction, writing in general, and his philosophy of storytelling. I ordered it just this week and find it be be everything we'd expect from RAL: funny, bizarre, thought-provoking, and filled with that almost Borgesian blend of reality and fiction that keeps all of us Dukes of Little Egypt searching for more of RAL's work. And it's at a decent price, too--$13.95, or somewhere around there. I know I sound like a sales rep for Barnes and Noble, but I think any RAL fan needs this one in their library. Here's hoping this page grows--along with, hopefully, a rediscovery of RAL's work.

Author:  Shiloh [ Tue Jan 12, 1999 2:24 pm ]
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"Mud Violet" was included in the Corroboree Press edition of THROUGH ELEGANT EYES: STORIES OF AUSTRO AND THE MEN WHO KNOW EVERYTHING, published in 1983. It's one of the "Barnaby Sheen" stories, which differ wildly in quality from one to the next. The book also includes my personal favorite Laff story, "Rivers of Damascus." (A real mind-bender!) I should also note that the book I mentioned before as being available at Barnes and Noble is now, unfortunately, only available on special order. (I think I got the last one! Sorry, folks!) P.S.--Why does the "Name" line add an "n" to everything?

Author:  Matthew Davis [ Tue Jan 12, 1999 10:01 pm ]
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Through Elegant Eyes, and Golden Gate are/were? both available from DreamHaven, $20 each Not to Mention Camels, Does Anyone Else Have Something Further to Add, The Devil is Dead are available from Andomeda Books, UK - £7.99 each (about $11.00) both stores are on the web, but I don't have the URLs to hand

Author:  Mark [ Sat Mar 06, 1999 11:43 pm ]
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I am not familiar with many of Lafferty's books, but I know that the people who post here are, the reason I am posting is because my wife is a nurse who takes care of R.A. Lafferty, here in Broken Arrow, OK in a local nursing home. It was only recently that I began to look into his writings to learn more about him. If there is anything that I might be able to do to help any big fans here, let me know, I will do my best, thanks.

Author:  Bob Corrigan [ Sat Mar 20, 1999 2:26 am ]
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If anyone has good quality first editions of Lafferty books that they're interested in parting with, drop me a line. I have a few of them already, but am missing quite a few. Thanks, bob

Author:  Mark [ Sat Mar 20, 1999 7:38 am ]
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We have relayed the messages for those who inquired, to Mr. Lafferty and he is very thankful. Although he is currently in a state where he needs assistance for those things that the rest of us take for granted in our daily routine, he also seems to be doing quite well. One thing that I thought was humorous that my wife said, was that he would rather be pampered than do some things himself which he IS capable- I suppose this is one of the benefits of age! She also thought it funny that his nickname was the grumpy old man from Tulsa- very appropriate she says, but very nice when he wants to be!

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