R.A. Lafferty Devotional Page

Who's that man

This is an illustration in the Corroboree Press issue of "Through Elegant Eyes"

My guesses as to who is who:

  1. The small ape-man in front is undoubtedly Austro
  2. The big burly man with the "SSS" is obviously Barnaby Sheen, proprietor of "Sooner State Seismograph Enterprises"
  3. The man with the Vote button has got to be the politician Harry O'Donovan.
  4. To my eyes the tallest man with the moustache looks the most greek, and therefore might be Dr. George Drakos.
  5. The guy on the left is likely to be Chirs Benedetti, the ex-seminarian.
  6. The man on the right side with the many papers and the drink in hand - the only one standing sideways - could be Laff then ?

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