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iTunesFS by ZNeK
Aktuelle Version: 2.0.0, veröffentlicht am 09.05.2022 (vor 806 Tagen)

Popular feature requests that I won't implement any time soon

Photo support?

Photo support shouldn't be too hard, but it's nothing I'm personally interested in at the moment. It's not trivial, though, and would require a couple of hours for research and development.

Popular feature requests that I won't implement, ever.

Write support?

Forget it. Writing isn't trivial. At least iTunes will want to write to the same database files concurrently, thus we'd need a way to tell iTunes™ to stop - and even to re-synchronize afterwards we have written our changes. Even if we could do that, how would we reorder entries in a playlist? By renaming the prefixing index manually? This is totally unusable in my opinion. iTunes is really great at managing the contents of your library and your iPod. The only thing that it doesn't allow you to do (probably by intention) is to easily copy content off your library or your iPods to a location YOU desire. iTunesFS fixes that problem, nothing more and nothing less.

Make iTunesFS work with the Fink package?

Create a symlink instead. iTunesFS links against /usr/local/lib/libfuse.0.dylib, so make sure it finds the version installed by Fink there - if you really must use the Fink version.

Is it possible to share the iTunes library to make it available on the local network (via Zeroconf/Bonjour)?

Personally I don't have any interest in this feature while technically it's possible to do this with iTunesFS. However, there are several obstacles to overcome and it's pretty much non-trivial.