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mulle-objc 0.17.1 Release

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The mulle-objc 0.17 release has been followed up quickly by a 0.17.1 release to fix some of the more blatant bugs introduced. Especially the advertised “add” command, didn’t really work in most scenarios.

I tried to improve the installation instructions, for those that carry the fear of using mulle-sde. It is possible to build everything with just curl,cmake,make. But it’s a lot of work.

But there has been also quite a bit of reorganization in 0.17.1 and it features four new libraries, though no new code.

mulle-sde has a new project structure with reflect folders, that separate generated, non-editable files from regular source files.

New Libraries


The new MulleObjCUnicodeFoundation is part of MulleFoundation unless you choose to leave it out:

Library Description
MulleObjCUnicodeFoundation Seldom used NSCharactersets and unicode aware string manipulation


The MulleWeb gains MulleScion/mulle-scion as two new projects. I will announce this separately (probably):

Project Description
MulleScion TWiG like template library
mulle-scion MulleScion demo and documentation
mulle-web-developer mulle-sde developer kit for MulleWeb


mulle-utf was in my opinion too large, by far the largest of all the C-libraries. It has undergone a form of meiosis and now has two siblings mulle-url and mulle-unicode. mulle-unicode is used by the new MulleObjCUnicodeFoundation. mulle-url is used by MulleObjCInetFoundation. mulle-http used to be part of MulleObjCHTTPFoundation, but now is its own project.

Library Description
mulle-http HTTP URL parser
mulle-unicode Unicode character tests
mulle-url URL character validity test


The update should come with the next brew update or apt-get dist-upgrade. In your own projects say mulle-sde upgrade as mulle-env has progressed a major version and some files need to be migrated. Also as in all releases be sure to run mulle-sde clean cacheonce and mulle-sde clean tidy in all your projects once, before running mulle-sde craft.

Release Notes

For all the releasenotes check….








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