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mulle-objc 0.15 Release


The time has come for another release of mulle-objc.

This is an insider release, no announcements on Reddit or HN. The most major advance in 0.15 is, that porting Objective-C code to mulle-objc just has become a lot easier.

But it also contains some very interesting new features, that are up to you to discover for yourself.


trusty is no longer supported, since mulle-clang needs to be built with a newer gcc, than is available there. Also there are problems with trusty and linking shared libraries for tests with the older gcc.

Generally before upgrading any project it would be wise to clean system caches with mulle-sde clean cache, so you get the newest packages.



Version Project
0.15.0 MulleFoundation
0.15.0 MulleObjCExpatFoundation
0.15.0 MulleObjCInetFoundation
0.15.1 MulleObjCKVCFoundation
0.15.1 MulleObjCOSFoundation
0.15.2 MulleObjCStandardFoundation
0.15.1 foundation-developer
0.15.0 mulle-foundation-developer
0.15.0 objc-compat
0.0.2 mulle-testgen


Version Project
0.15.2 MulleObjC
0.15.0 mulle-objc-compat
0.15.2 mulle-objc-developer
0.15.0 mulle-objc-list
0.15.3 mulle-objc-runtime


Version Project
0.0.4 mulle-atexit
1.0.15 mulle-sprintf
0.1.2 mulle-stacktrace
4.0.2 mulle-testallocator


Version Project
2.0.15 mulle-aba
2.2.4 mulle-concurrent
4.1.10 mulle-thread


Version Project
4.1.0 mulle-allocator
1.2.0 mulle-buffer
0.10.1 mulle-c-developer
3.1.3 mulle-c11
1.2.0 mulle-container
2.0.11 mulle-utf
1.0.12 mulle-vararg


Version Project
1.12.0 mulle-bashfunctions
0.16.0 mulle-craft
1.0.2 mulle-dispense
2.3.1 mulle-env
1.6.10 mulle-fetch
0.10.0 mulle-make
0.4.5 mulle-match
0.7.2 mulle-monitor
0.1.0 mulle-platform
2.0.6 mulle-project
0.38.6 mulle-sde
0.16.3 mulle-sde-developer
0.19.1 mulle-sourcetree
4.2.4 mulle-test

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