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The mulle-clang 6.0.0 / mulle-objc 0.13.0 release

A year after the 0.8.0 release, I am proud to announce the release version 0.13.0 of mulle-objc with the MulleFoundation. This coincides with the release of the new mulle-clang compiler and mulle-lldb debugger, which are based on llvm 6.0.

This release brings cross-platform Objective-C development a big step forward.

Integration into Visual Code

As mulle-clang IS clang and mulle-lldb IS lldb, there is a lot of stuff you get for free, when you are writing mulle-objc code. One of that is integration into Visual Studio Code, so now mulle-objc has a graphic IDE. Sweet.

  1. Get foundation-developer from Mulle kybernetiK
  2. Get Visual Studio Code from Microsoft
  3. Get C/C++ Intellisense by Microsoft from the Extension Marketplace inside Visual Studio Code
  4. Create a project with mulle-sde init -m foundation/objc-developer -d myproject -e mulle-objc/vs-code executable. You can do this inside Visual Studio Code using “View/Terminal”.
  5. Add the created myproject folder with “File/Add Folder to Workspace…”
  6. Set a breakpoint in src/main.m. Now hit “Debug/Start Debugging”

Visual Code Debugger

The initial setup process will take some time, as the MulleFoundation will be downloaded and built.


The 0.13.0 release also features the first time release of the MulleFoundation. This contains the various classes and categories you’d expect, to write non-graphical Objective-C tools and libraries.

mulle-sde Integration

mulle-sde is a command line IDE, that also serves as a package manager. Best of all it runs on any platform, that supports the bash!

With mulle-objc specific extensions to mulle-sde, it is now extremely easy to setup mulle-objc projects, that are immediately buildable on all supported platforms.

Mulle kybernetiK TV

I believe mulle-objc is the only computer language that has it’s own Twitch channel. Every thursday from 14:00 CEST there is live coding stream, where you can ask question or see me sweating out some problems.

Organization changes

As the MulleFoundation was too big to be incorporated into mulle-objc for considerations of readability, there have been some changes to the organization structure.

The main site mulle-objc has been simplified. The MulleFoundation has its own github organization and it is based on mulle-c. Some of the old “support” projects have been migrated “in spirit” to mulle-sde

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