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mulle-objc-runtime 0.4 "Trailer"

For the release of mulle-objc 0.4, which is slated for end of April, I made a little trailer for fun: What you see is the MulleFoundation being loaded into the runtime. You can see how categories and classes stack up, waiting for their dependencies to be fulfilled. Finally when the dependencies arrive, there is an explosion of growth in the class system.

Sorry for the audio quality, it was a one take and I was too lazy to fix the crackling.

The video frames are generated by calls to mulle_objc_dotdump_runtime_to_tmp at various times during loading. This produced 700 Graphviz dot files, which where then converted to PNGs. With a bit of Imagemagick the PNGs are processed with borders and watermarks. Finally the MP4 file is made with FFmpeg.