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Continuing the mulle-objc release with mulle-concurrent

The mulle-objc runtime has long been completed, the compiler seems stable. I could put it all up on GitHub make an announcement and call it a day, but I think that would be a bit overwhelming.

mulle-objc - apart from the compiler - is not just a copy of some existing technology, but fairly new from the ground up. I think with the ABA and the MetaABI there is enough content for at least two PhD theses in there. :)

It is probably best to release mulle-objc piece by piece over a period of several weeks. That gives me time to incorporate feedback and also write some documentation for each piece at a more casual pace.

One nice aspect of mulle-objc is, that its constituting C libraries are completely useful on their own. But structuring mulle-objc as many libraries presented one of the main problems in this project.

I felt that maintaining an ever growing number of libraries over multiple build and package systems for OS X, FreeBSD, Linux and Windows would have been too inhibiting. That’s why mulle-bootstrap and mulle-build exist, which make things almost completely painless again.

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