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Continuing the MulleFoundation release with mulle-sprintf

After the completed release of mulle-objc the time has come to release the MulleFoundation. Whereas mulle-objc appears to me to be a well-rounded release, MulleFoundation is still very much a work in progress with lots of gaps and ugliness.

Nevertheless, with what is already present - in terms of basic Foundation code - the MulleFoundation should be extremely competitive with other Foundations already. Or in other words: it should benchmark extremely well.

Why it’s not on mulle-objc yet

After a discussion on the mulle-objc slack channel I’ve come to the conclusion that there are multiple benefits to not immediately fork this project into the mulle-objc community:

  1. mulle-objc already has 16 repositories and growing. Adding another 10 repositories or so would add to the complexity.
  2. I think it increases the perception, that mulle-objc can only run with the MulleFoundation. That is not really true, as I think GNUStep or Cocotron could be easily adapted to mulle-objc as well.
  3. It allows the community to pick whatever they like as a basis for their Foundation. Possibly mixing bits and pieces from other sources. Yet I feel the community hasn’t grown enough to make such decisions already.
  4. Last but not least, it makes the release process easier and therefore faster.

Release Plan

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