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The mulle-objc release!

Today is the day the most important parts, the compiler and the runtime are released. Its a bit like going “gold”.

I have decided to immediately go out with a community fork. That makes it much easier to incorporate changes and additions, although it was quite a bit of more work for me initially.

There will be more stuff release after this, but I can’t really estimate the timeframe as things are fairly busy at the momen.


Planned Releases

  • mulle-lldb debugger
  • mulle-utf
  • mulle-sprintf
  • MulleObjCFoundation
  • MulleObjCPosixFoundation
  • MulleObjCExpatFoundation
  • Foundation
  • mulle-regex
  • MulleObjCRegexFoundation


Thanks to @denunv, @sakrist @suuksuuk, @znek666 for testing, feedback and help with the website. Thanks to the llvm-dev mailing list, helping me with clang issues.

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