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mulle-clang, technically speaking

The mulle-clang compiler is a variant of the clang compiler. The clang compiler has built-in support for a variety of Objective-C runtimes, such as

  • MacOSX
  • FragileMacOSX
  • iOS
  • WatchOS,
  • GCC
  • GNUstep
  • ObjFW

mulle-clang adds another runtime Mulle. Mulle is a variant of FragileMacOSX. Ideally mulle-clang is a superset of the clang compiler, being able to also compile Objective-C code for the other platforms. But that is currently NOT possible.

Mindmap mulle-clang

In order to compile an Objective-C file (.m), you need the runtime mulle-objc-runtime and the mulle-clang compiler. Both are built using a shell script

Required Toolset

The toolset requirements for the compiler itself are not any different from those of clang. Building mulle-clang by hand can be a bit daunting, but should make the build painless.


bash is needed for the installation script.


git is used to retrieve mulle-clang.

cmake (make)

cmake is a cross-platform Makefile generator. It is used by mulle-clang and llvm.


A standard C compiler is needed to compile mulle-clang and *llvm.

Required Libraries

Library | Use ————————- | ————- mulle_objc_runtime | the Objective-C runtime you need to compile and run Objective-C code. It has additional requirements. (See: mulle-objc-runtime, technically speaking)

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