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Hein ? Je ne comprends pas Apple Networking

One of these WTF moments. The directory resides in is a (smbfs, nodev, nosuid) share mounted via Apple VPN.

$ [ ! -x ./ ] && echo "not executable"
not executable
$ ls -l
-rwx------@ 1 nat  _lpoperator  7664 14 Feb 13:17
$ man test | grep -A 2 '\-x'
     -x file       True if file exists and is executable.  True indicates only
                   that the execute flag is on.  If file is a directory, true
                   indicates that file can be searched.
$ ./ 2014-12
Sales date: 30.11.2014 - 27.12.2014

The file can not be tested for executability, but it nevertheless executes (on 10.9.5) ?

Just to sanity check

$ cd /tmp
$ touch xxx
$ chmod 700 xxx
$ [ ! -x xxx ] && echo "not executable" 

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From: ZNeK

Try using a "first class citizen" network filesystem instead.Oh, wait..

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